Happiness in general in regard to what

Happiness is very essential in each and everyone’s life as it makes life enjoyable and motivates someone to move on.

There are many factors that contribute to an individual’s happiness, for instance, satisfaction in one’s family life, work, love relationships and even good academic performance. Money is also a contributing factor but only when combined with other aspects like mentioned above. This paper gives an insight on why I don’t believe that money can buy happiness.

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I don’t believe that money can buy happiness since some aspects that leads to happiness for example respect, power love and a feeling of appreciation and belonging cannot be bought but rather attained naturally. The more one earns, the more the needs that are to be satisfied and so money is essential to a certain level after which it becomes a problem and make people less approachable and more egocentric affecting their social life negatively hence hindering happiness in their lives. Money also impairs people ability to enjoy life and the many things they have acquired through their wealth despite being in a better position to purchase items of choice because life’s little pleasures are overlooked. Money helps us to have a comfortable life as we can be able to cater for our needs but it surely cannot buy us happiness. This is because happiness in our lives is brought about by the little pleasures that life holds for us for example the joy attained through socialization with others, satisfaction in work and family life among others and not in the big pleasures attached to wealth and money. Materialistic people are generally unhappy as they tend to ignore the little things that bring about happiness in life in search of bigger things with the hope of being happier which does not come to pass. According to Luscombe (2010), money contributes happiness when it is acquired to a certain amount ($ 75,000) in a year after which no greater happiness is attached to the money. He argues that the lower an individual’s income falls below $75,000 per year, the unhappier he or she may be but at the same time, earning more than this does not guarantee any much happiness.

This shows that as much as money is essential in acquisition and satisfaction of our needs, it does not guarantee our happiness by its own and other aspects of life have to be incorporated to attain happiness. Happiness can be viewed as the way one feels at a particular moment for example either emotionally well or not. It can also be viewed as the inner satisfaction an individual feels about his or her life in general in regard to what is happening. Money seems to make life appear to be working out well but it actually does not contribute to a person’s emotional well being that leads to total happiness. Lower income does not in itself lead to sadness but make people stressed up by the problems that face them. For instance those with family problems like those who are sick, separated or divorced are not happy irrespective of the amount of income they earn hence money just help improve living conditions and brings a person to a life he or she thinks is better but do not necessarily lead to happiness. There is more to happiness than money and there are people who are without money but are happier than those with lots of money depending on the circumstances that face them and the conditions in which they live.

People who delight in their work for example those who are involved in more social work and lot of human contact seem to achieve much higher levels of happiness as compared to those whose work involves dealing with machines and less human interaction since there is a good feeling that comes along with sharing of experiences, ideas and opinions with others. For example hairdressers, doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers tend to be happier due to the strong social relations they develop in their work between their colleagues and also with their clients. This shows that although income matters, our attitude towards life is essential plus the consideration of other factors that may lead to our happiness like love, respect and recognition. The key issue towards attainment of happiness is the ability to have just enough money to cater for the basic needs for instance food, clothing, shelter and health and some little more for emergency and concentrating on how you spend your time and not what you can acquire. One should work on his or her strengths, purpose, the people and things that make life worth living and not on the items perceived to bring happiness but in reality do not. This is because happiness is an attitude and making enough to facilitate basic needs and a little surplus creates some peace of mind hence happiness and lack of it causes pain and stress as one tries to make ends meet.


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