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I have always lovedhelping people. Since childhood, I always liked to pitch in any activity thatwould ease the burdens of others. I grew up in a country (Nigeria) where itscitizens are plagued with various illnesses that have led to a low level oflife expectancy; thus, it came as no surprise that when the time came for me topursue an undergraduate education, I was drawn to courses related to improvinghuman health. In searching for a course that will suit my interest, Iremembered going through some health challenges like constipation and diarrhoeawhere a simple diet change brought a lot of relief. This birthed the thoughtthat there is so much that good nutrition can offer in terms of boosting humanhealth status. This made me opt for a program in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.The four-year undergraduate programme gave me insight into different aspects ofthe course and further opened my eyes to the fact that good nutrition cantotally alter a man’s life positively; this formed the basis of my interest inPublic Health Nutrition.This knowledge influencedthe direction my final year project took which included designing a pamphletfor educating University students on Nutrition-Related Cancer prevention.

Theresults of the project showed that the tool used was effective in increasingthe students’ knowledge on cancer prevention through nutrition. Furthermore, Ivolunteered with Harvest-Plus Nigeria, a non-governmental organization that developsand promotes bio-fortified food crops that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Ieducated people on the benefits of Vitamin A bio-fortified cassava whichstrengthened my people skills and communication skills. In addition, I was ateam leader during the annual nutrition awareness week in my university where Itook anthropometric measurements, taught other team members how to do it andcounselled people about good nutrition.

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This helped me work effectively in ateam, develop better interpersonal skills, put into practice what I have beentaught and help people make right dietary and lifestyle choices.As a future Public HealthNutritionist, I also look forward to working with Humanitarian organizations soas work on projects that will improve the nutritional status of mothers andvulnerable children in risk areas. Being multilingual is essential for me sinceI intend to reach out to people from different walks of life, therefore, duringthe holidays and leisure time; I take French classes in addition to the fewindigenous Nigerian languages I speak.I believe that I willexcel in a Master’s program in public health nutrition.

I strongly desire to betrained at the Kansas State University because it stands out as an institution becausethe foothat places emphasis on the various aspects of public health nutrition-related.This will equip me with the insight, exposure and skills I need to become anexceptional Public Health Nutritionist and combat some prevailing health issuesnot only in my country Nigeria, but in Africa and the world as a whole.


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