I had always beenexploring and trying to grasp the knowledge, mechanism and science behind them;understanding their application in practical life. I completed my Matriculationwith Science majors from Sheikh Zayed Public School and secured 91% marks, thenI did Pre-Engineering and secured 89% marks. I have recently completed myBachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering andTechnology Lahore securing 3.

112 CGPA out of 4.00.After completingsecond year of engineering I did an internship at Pakistan Central PowerGeneration Company Limited GENCO-II Thermal Power Station Guddu, managed tostrengthen my technical concepts by hands on experience in the maintenance ofthermodynamic devices. The exposure gained over the span of internship workingwith maintenance team of aforementioned Power Station, succored me toamalgamate all my theoretical understandings of mechanical courses andpractically implementing them. After completing my junior year I did aninternship in Matrix Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

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During which I learned aboutproduction, planningTo further elaboratemy acumen in Mechanical and nurture sound technical skills, I am going to applyfor “MASTER OF ENGINEERING PROFESSIONAL(MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN)” in DEAKIN UNIVERSITY, Melbourne,Australia.I have been searchingfor best universities across globe for over two years, after rigorous researchand meditation it would be very safe to state that DEAKIN UNIVERSITY is thepremier and pre-eminent among all universities in Australia. Education ofDEAKIN UNIVERSITY are cherishing for every learner who desires to nurture hisskills under the shadows of trained faculty members. DEAKIN UNIVERSITY provides a vibrant culture thus fostering talentand adroitness in its students. Australianqualifications are acknowledged by employers and leading educational institutesin many countries around the globe. In Pakistan, similarly, the leading firmsprefer the graduates of Australian universities owing to their insight inadvance technical erudition. The salary and the perks offered to the postgraduates of Australian Universities are much more than offered to the postgraduates of Pakistani Universities. Australian postgraduates are also sound intechnical skills and practical approach owing to the challenging careerprovided to them in Australian Institutes.

Icould make to an outstanding ambassador owing to my special penchant towardsparticipation in extracurricular activities and taking a leading role inorganizing them also.  I have a list ofachievements throughout my academic career which I will briefly elaborateclearly showcasing my potentials. I was in the organizing committee of MentorAmiable Professional Society and successfully conducted 2nd SouthernPunjab Education Expo 2015 and also worked as a Regional Ambassador for twoyears of this society. Being an exceptional organizer, I with my fellow matesorganized sports week in 2016 and 2017 in my university campus which featured anumber of contests including athletics, volley ball, cricket, football,badminton etc. I myself participated in the contests and led my team in thefootball and volley ball. Furthermore I exclusively covered the lavishingmemories of whole event through the eyes of my DSLR. Not being limited to mycampus, I disclosed myself and participated in AirEx Innovation Challenge heldat Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology. Following mypassion, I successfully completed short courses in AutoCAD, Computer Graphics(Photoshop), and cinematography.Being denizen of adeveloping country, my first and foremost intention is to render my services inthe build out of my country putting it on the way to prosper in the field oftechnology and transformation to digitalization, for which I would like toequip myself with the required skills from the gem of institutes among all.Under this stance, I plan to return to my home country to serve and fulfil mynational obligations and extend my role in the development of my belovednation.Regards,Muhammad AnsarAlamContact: +92336 6999986Email: [email protected] 


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