I methods to minimize the product damage and

I have been
working at Alcon for 30 years. It was a pleasure to be Mr. Alec Marmo’s mentor
at Alcon. All of my years at Alcon, there were many young and newly graduated
that came and gone. However Alec is an exceptional, special, and an intelligent
young man. He started in the summer 2016 as an intern for the Intraocular Lens (IOL)
Process Department. We were developing a new material. I provided a broad
instruction to study the material behavior. Within one week, Mr. Alec came back
with the test plan and executed the experiment. He provided a full
comprehensive study, accompany with data, SEM photo, summary, and
suggestion/conclusion. He presented the data on the characteristic of the new
material that allows us to understand and provide the ability to predict the
material behavior. His presentation received a positive appraisal from the

He became a valuable
team member; Alcon offered him a position as an Engineer thru 2017. For the
duration of his stay, he presented more solutions to solve several challenge
issues we faced. Alec is a result-driven, motivated, and work well whether
individually or with the team. By the year end, he purposed two major methods
to minimize the product damage and increase production yield. Currently, we are
developing the automation process bases on his proposal, if the methods fully adopted,
it will save Alcon more than $100K each year. He presented the data to our
senior management and everyone impressed with his knowledge and confident. His
intelligent, his unique style of thinking, and planning challenged us to keep
up with him. He brought a positive experience to us.

One example
about Alec that stood out, if he faced something new that he was not familiar
with, he will understand it by the next day!  Alec conducted his own research whether from
books, internet, performed preliminary experiments and/or talking to our
expertise within Alcon. He well prepared for his meetings and ready to present
a scientific discussion. As always, he back up his arguments with facts and

Though I have worked with Mr.
Alec Marmo for only one year, it was a pleasure to be his mentor. Working
alongside him and watching his confident grow was rejuvenating.

I can ensure that he is focus,
talented, well educated, and capable of completing the academic requirements of
the graduate study in Materials Science at
Texas A University. With Alec,
we overcame many material issues and finished the project on time. I am looking
forward to see him pursuit a higher education. I have no doubt that Mr. Marmo
will succeed and contribute his talent to the world of Material Science &


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