I healthy cells. Systems Biology has revolutionized almost

I am interested inproteomics. Proteomics have major role in both predictive, preventive as wellas in personalized medicine. The current approach in medicine is reactive inwhich disease or cellular dysfunction is predicted and preventions aresuggested.

With the help of proteomics and systems biology this approach willbe shifted towards the predictive medicines in future. Systems biology valuecannot be denied because it helps to improve our understanding about the modelbiological systems in depth which is very helpful in medicine. It also contributestowards the emergence of new technologies which is very useful to enhance theefficiency and precision of cellular measurements. Proteomics and systemsbiology will not only facilitate the disease monitoring but also applicable indrug discovery.  Systems biology alongwith proteomics is very important to understand the pathological systems andits comparison with normal biological systems. Circumventing the limitations ofdisease is very important either it is genetic or protein defect. Proteomics isthe field that has the ability to transform the biology and medicine. Proteinscannot be studied by mRNA or genes that encode proteins these are actuallyeffectors which drive the cell behavior.

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 For the better understanding how systems work there is need integratethe proteomics with knowledge of mRNA and metabolite profiling etc. There isneed to place the protein interaction with protein and DNA and proteinmislocatlization in the context of disease in a suitable way. The comprehensiveknowledge about normal biological system is required to find the relationshipbetween these diseases and defects which is possible with emerging technologieswhich can easily compare the cellular changes in diseased and healthycells.   Systems Biology has revolutionized almost every branch of biology andwhich also has merged the biology with mathematics, statistics and computeralso. The molecular biology which is the most fascinating field of biology hasalso adopted a systems approach.

Genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics andproteomics all are becoming more and more dependent upon the systems biologyevery day. Advances in omics have produced large databases which led tointerest for understanding the whole biological systems at molecular level. Abiological system holds different components in it. Proteins are one of majorcomponent of that system which has high functional significance.

System biology haveprovided the new experimental approaches in proteomics. To understand thecomplex biological systems is huge intellectual and experimental challenge forbiologists so for as well as it is bringing the new challenges for science andtechnology. Some of these are integration of large data sets which are veryimportant to carry out the systems biology or some of exceptional tasks inemerging system. System biology can be divided into two domains:1-      Tounderstand the how complex protein networks work2-      Integrationof other molecular and network data to understand the generation and functionof organisms phenotypes.System biology may helpto understand the processes involved in biotransformation of compounds in theliving system. System biology helps to determine the protein-protein andDNA-protein interactions.

It is very useful to figure out the correlationbetween the phenotype and protein profiling. In short, my researchinterest to understand the systems in different diseases at proteomics leveland try to figure out protein-protein interactions and their interactions withother biological molecules e.g. DNA and lipids etc. Other than that to monitorthe protein stability and structure; either it is folded in normal way or not.Further these proteins can be purified and their structure can be determinedusing crystallization and synchrotron radiation source.

ResearchObjective:In my M.Phil project Iwas very interested in protein profiling, protein purification and to findtheir application at commercial level. While I used to talk my fellows abouttheir project in molecular pathology and I got the idea; to study the diseaseslike cancer etc. is very important at the level of proteomics and found a lotof literature about the study of different diseases at proteomics level. Thisactually developed my interest in the study of diseases at protein level.

Theobjective of my research are:·        To find the proteins interactions involvedin different diseases and figure out the mutant protein·        Characterization of proteins functions andstructures which can provide the important information about the mutant proteinand applicable in drug discovery as wellProteins are associatedwith different pathologies if they are not folded properly and even change inenvironment which is required for protein to work properly. They may lead tocancer, diabetes and others disorders. I hope to add to thecurrent scientific knowledge by contributing my time and efforts in writingpapers, developing techniques to answer scientific questions and keeping thelab up to date with its inventory and supplies. Given a chance to work at yourlab, you will find me highly disciplined, dedicated and professional.


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