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I completed my Therapeutic Recreation internship at Casa Promesa facility. As an intern, I had been assigned to different tasks such as assisting programs, escorting residents, attending to meetings, running programs, doing paperwork and others. After I completed my internship hours and evaluating my performance I can say that I have learned and developed many skills. Honestly, I feel very proud of me because my performance has been successful but with some failures as well. The failures have play an important role in my journal because it has taught me what to change and what I need to improve.
At the beginning of my internship, I just assisted in programs but after a few weeks later I was able to prepare and lead my own programs. It was challenge because unexpected things happen during programs. As result, it taught me how to handles different situations at the moments. Also, by assisting and leading programs I learned to feel comfortable around people with different types of disabilities. Moreover, during my journey I feel myself as cooperative person because I was able to work as a team with collaborations with other departments with the purpose to accomplish a common goal; which is improve resident’s quality of life.
One of my strengths at Casa Promesa was my enthusiasm; I always had the motivation do to things with a smile on my face. Another strength during my internship was that I was willing to learn something new; this strength was recognized many times by my supervisor and other staff. Finally, one of the most important strength that I have is that I respect and treat everyone in the same and equal manner despite their disabilities.
On the other hand, I have faced some difficulties while I was doing my internship. One of the most challenge for me was my pronunciation; English is my second language therefore I have a strong accent and sometimes residents could not understand what I say. At the beginning, I was shy and nervous because of that but later one I decided to take the positives from the negatives. By the end of my internship, I feel very proud of myself because I achieved many goals that I established in the beginning. Now, I can say that I faced my weaknesses, strengthened my skills, I developed care plan to meet resident’s needs, I encouraged residents to participates in programs, I coordinated recreation programs for special needs, etc.
In conclusion, I have made a significant growth in this whole learning experience; this internship was my first working experience in the field. Undoubtedly, being interned at Casa Promesa strengthened my desire to continue in this beautiful career; I chose the right path.


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