I sulfur. Sulfur can be found in the

I am writing my report on the mineral sulfur because it is a very special and unique rock.  Sulfur can be found in the chalcogen family.  We use sulfur in our everyday lives all the time.  Sulfur is found in special spots around the world.

 Sulfur can also be useful in some medical fields.  This mineral has many different characteristics and different facts about sulfur.   Sulfur can be found in the the family of Chalcogen Family.  There are many other members in this family like, selenium, tellurium, oxygen, and polonium.  Sulfur is the second element in the sixteenth column of the periodic table.

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 Sulfur atoms have sixteen protons and sixteen electrons with six valence electrons in the shell on the outer side.  Sulfur is the tenth most abundant element in the universe. Sulfur is used in our daily lives everywhere you look.  You probably uses sulfur today and didn’t even notice.

 Sulfur is used in many things like gunpowder, fireworks, matches, vulcanization of rubber; as a fungicide, insecticide, and fumigant.  It is also used in the manufacturing of phosphate fertilizers.  Sulfur can also be used in the treatment of  some skin diseases.  A one-hundred pound person can have about one-hundred and forty grams of sulfur in their body.

   Sulfur comes from the name of Sanskrit, it is also mentioned in the Bible and the Torah.  Sulfur can serve as a reducing agent or oxidant.  Sulfur is naturally an element but in some cases can be found in a number of minerals and compounds.

Many meteors have had sulfur found in them.  Another very interesting fact about sulfur is that Jupiter’s moon Io is yellowish because the sulfur is in a variety of states and forms.  In sulfur compounds, sulfurous acid and sulfuric acid are found in acid rain.  Sulfur is a solid object that is yellowish but it can also be a bright orangish color.  Sulfur is tasteless and odorless.

 It can melt and turn into a liquid at four hundred and forty-four point six degrees celsius.  After the sulfur melts, it converts into a yellow liquid, then it turns brown and becomes a viscous.  Sulfur has a rough outer layer covered with little bumps.  Sulfur also as a very powdery streak.  In some parts it looks like some slime that was stretched and then hardens, it also forms large crystals.

 Sulfur’s atomic number is sixteen and its in the group sixteen on the periodic table.  You can find this element in volcanic regions and around natural hot springs.  It can also be found as iron pyrites.

 Sulfur is the ninth most abundant element in the Universe.  It is the most abundant constituent of minerals.  It occurs in the form of sulfides, sulfates, and element sulfur.  Sulfur can form from the result of the breakdown of sulfide ore deposits.  Crystalline sulfur may has as many as fifty-six different habits.  Sulfur forms pyramidal or tabular crystals, powdery coatings, encrustation, and granular or massive aggregates.  Massive sulfur can be found in thick beds deep in sedimentary rocks, mainly those containing salt domes.

 Sulfur is a poor heat conductor, which means that specimens are warm to the touch.   Sulfur was mined near Mount Etna in Sicily and used for bleaching cloth and preserving wine, both involved burning it to form sulfur dioxide, and allowing this to be absorbed by wet clothes or the grape juice.  


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