I companies. That is one reason formy decision

I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself and support my application tothe Master of Business Administration in General Management offered by IBA.This business academy is my first choice because of its good reputation amongthe modern employers.

It is a well-known business academy for its quality ofeducation and research.Master of Business Administration in General Management is one of the mostwidely recognised and demanded subject areas in business world. I believe aMBA degree from a good Danish business academy will definitely prepare mefor the future management challenges and thus open the doors for my career.With my educational background and working experience, I strongly believe thatI am suitable candidate for the programme. Since I was young, I have always hada keen interest in business management. I was born to a family of entrepreneurs,and I have been profoundly influenced by the good leadership practice of myfather in our family’s real estate business. Since my HSC (equivalent to ‘A’level), I have been involved in our family business.

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I have noticed that my familyare very good expanding the business within Bangladesh, but have been ratherconservative about internationalisation. My ambition is therefore to take ourfamily business next level and make it international. In Bangladesh, most bigcorporations are international and it is a growing market for Western companies.

In order to understand the international business market, I need a firm groundingin the strategic management of multi national companies. That is one reason formy decision to take my BSc (Hons) in Business Management in the UK ratherthan at home.I travelled to Denmark recently and visited some universities along IBA. I likedKolding because of people are living in there.

They were very friendly and happy.The city is small and has many historically attractive places. It is less crowdedthan London. Out of all the universities in Denmark, I believe I liked IBA mostbecause of the evident rapport between students and academic staff. Moreover, Ihave my uncle and his family in Denmark, and as they promise to support me, Ibelieve this will facilitate my success at a Danish university. This is also a part ofmy motivation for applying to IBA in Denmark rather than any other universityin the UK.While I enjoyed the generalist nature of my HND studies, I have becomeincreasingly interested in the strategic management and leadership ofinternational businesses. That is why, I am currently (result due June 2016)studying for postgraduate diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management withthe UK Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).

I am very self-motivated; I have great analytic skills; and I never shy away froma challenge. For these reasons I would relish the opportunity to complete anindependent research project on the internationalization of real estate businesses.While I have enjoyed Level 7 study to date, the academic rigour of a full Master’sdegree is something which I feel I am now ready for.My main ambition for the future is to pursue a career in a top management roleof a multinational organisation and to involve with my family business. I hopesuccessful completion of this course from this university will help me to gainstrategic vision and expand my career horizon. It will not only enhance the startof my career and earning potential, but also improve the time management aspectsof my life. I believe the university will provide me with an understanding of thebusiness world as well as offer me a wide range of choices and connections aftermy course.Yours sincerely,Arifur Rohman Rashed


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