I I was chosen to be a team-point

I believe that I can become a prefect for the school because I have the desired qualities expected of a prefect, as I am responsible, dependable and I am prepared to perform the numerous roles a prefect is required to do. I am confident that I can set an excellent example to my peers, as I follow and execute the school’s eight expectations of students. In addition, during primary school, I was chosen to be a team-point captain and an anti-bully representative for my good communication skills and my hard-working attitude.
I acquire very friendly traits, which therefore allows me to be supportive and helpful when aiding students and staff. Furthermore, I have participated in several events held by the school, such as opening evenings, parent evenings and charity day. Outside of school, I helped with a charity event for Gaza. Throughout my time at Haslingden High School, I have been awarded many top achievers, which reflects the pride I take in my work. I believe my uniform is always up to the school’s standards and I am always prepared to start the school day with my full equipment.

Thank you for reading my application.

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