I As it was a family trip there

I am the one who like to travel  around the world and my own country India.Traveling is also one off my hobby. Travelling is a wonderful experience ofone`s life and it also creates lifetime memories which are one of the mostimportant source of healing mental stress and to freshen up the mind toconcentrate on the routine life.

 I would like to describe my oneof the trip to Dubai and it was my first international trip. When my familymembers decided to go to Dubai i was very much excited but there was a littlebit of tension because my end semester exam was a month away and preparationswere still left. After studying a week and stressing up my mind a bit more,still couple of subject were left and the trip was closer. So, I decided tostudy after the trip but there was somewhat anxiety in my mind to complete thestudy and to maintain my percentage. As the trip begins, my body energize witha new source of energy and enjoyment to see the foreign country and its culture,technology and many more.

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When I see Dubai, I was completely amazed by viewingbeautiful infrastructures, cleanliness and technology advancement. As it was afamily trip there was so much of fun we had by playing games in the way andenjoying the beauty of the country. Me and my family had an unimaginableexperience in visiting Burj-Khalifa the tallest building, Ferrari world whichhas the fastest roller coaster, Desert safari, city tour and many more. Eachand every moment of this trip excites us with a excellent experience that to beremembered lifetime. When the trip end, I feel little bit of disappointment asit feel to all after vacation ends and returning to routine life. It was thefinest experience that I had in my travelling trip which refresh my mind anddecreases stress to focus on my studies and all this resulted in  distinction result in that semester. In all, I think everyone musttravel to an unknown place because it gives you satisfaction, inner peace andmoreover it provides a beautiful break to enjoy beauty of nature created bygod.

Hence, I am the one who likes travel very much. “To travel is to live”


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