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I was given an opportunity to teach a topic during a sessionfor facilitation of learning to a small group with the help of micro teaching.I choose the topic of subcutaneous insertion of needle for administration ofmedications. This was a good experience to prepare for the topic and present itto the group.

After the teaching, the group gave constructive feedback on myteaching which has helped me to gain insight and has assisted me in being more assertivein my teaching. Domain 2 (NMC 2008), identify anduse the knowledge of student’s stage of learning and to select learning opportunitiesto meet individual needs which formed a basis for my selection of this topicand this skill was appropriate to my daily work setting. I had to prepare forthis teaching and I had to use various books and look at all the rationalesbehind each steps in doing this skill, by this I was able to integrate from my experienceof practise. In order to enhance future learning the group was given opportunityto reflect and give feedback.The group comprised of 2 midwifeand 1 mental health nurse and they were from different areas of work, so I was consciousof the learner’s knowledge about the topic and I made sure I was not usingcomplex words or jargons when I was teaching them. Their understanding of generalnursing was different as they were specialised in their areas. Made sure I wasempowering them in teaching this new skills and made them to participateactively in this session.

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I explained the context and its meaning to my work areaand I used a range of methods like pictures and equipment’s to show them and engage.After showing explain, I demonstrated the skill to show them all. I was alsoexplaining the rationale for the steps and made it easy for them to understand.

They were given opportunity to do this skills hands on and ask question on itand finally at the end they were encouraged to reflect and give feedback.Bloom’s Taxonomy 1956 tries toclassify all learning into 3 domains and in them were various skills andabilities. Cognitive- Intellectual skills and abilities were achieved throughexplaining the skill and giving reason to why it was done, basically the theoryof the topic.

Psychomotor–motor skills, hand, eye co-ordination were achievedwhen I gave them the opportunity to it for them self and practise. Affective –values,interests, attitudes were noted through asking questions, reflecting on thetopic and feedback.                Peyton(1998) explains the 4 stage method to teaching clinical skill and I used themin the session to give a structure and make it easy for the learners. I demonstratedthe skills and repeated couple of key things and encouraged them to askquestion to stimulate their thinking.

Then I repeated and the group explained thesteps, so I could make sure that they understood the skills clearly. And finallyI asked the learner to explain and perform the skill to reinforce that the learningwas complete.                 Ibrought pictures of skin and pictures of sites of subcutaneous injections sothe learners had a visual idea and knew how deep the needle was inserted. Iused a lesson plan template that guided me in step by step manner for guidingmy teaching throughout this session. The constructive feedback that was receivedhelped me to look into some of the aspects that would have helped in evenmaking the topic more effective. Some wanted to know more why this procedurewas used more and also some wanted to know more about what kind of medicationsand treatments were used in this way of administering medications. I had an opportunityto answer to them at the end of the session and explained about this to them.

Thisclearly showed me that different learners had different views and differentlearning abilities.                Domain5 of NMC 2008 states about creating an environment for learning to aid in learningand to maximise achievements. I had an idea about different levels of learningin the group as they were from a different spectrum of nursing and I had toadapt based on their level and explain things in a simple way. To enhancelearning experience, they were given hand on opportunity to perform the skillsand also to discuss and reflect upon them.


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