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I am certain that we live in a generation where losing your phone is worse than losing a friend. We are living in a generation that challenges us to think regardless of whether we are extremely more associated with each other or more alone since human interaction decreases while the use of technology increases. We are living in a generation where everyone is so dependent on technology that it has become a drug to society. Addressing to all my fellow students, let me make this inquiry.

Would you want to see our future generation, our future leaders, and our future role models go to an end due to technology? Would you let your friends and families down because of the use of technology? What has the world come to? In order to restrain this, I strongly believe that the correct and safest way to use social media is to have students be taught by parents and schools.    In addition, Social media is used as a tool to keep up with news around the world or even interact with people around the globe. Whether its friends, families,  or strangers, you can communicate with anyone faster and easier. This became so well known that it is popular among many teenagers and adults. However, it is necessary that every students should be taught by parents and schools about the consequences regarding the damage of usage and any violence of social media, as it is a disruptive environment.

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Not only that, it can lead to a variety of issues such as mental illness, addiction, and cyberbullying. More and more people have become victims of these issues. According to Bullying Statistic, it stated that young girls from ages 10 to 14 suicide is the third leading cause of deaths due to cyberbullying. Over 4,400 deaths per year and 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide while 7 percent attempted it. Nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of bullying.    Although, social media is a psychological addiction unlike substance, many people’s brain tends to reveal that there is frightening impairment of regions of their brain. Especially in the degradation of those with drugs creating emotional processing, such as making and attention. Like drugs, social media is so addictive that you will crave for more and more once you get a hold of it.

Which some people tends to have a hard time getting away from their phones or any technologies because social media has become a big part of their life. Which is a harmful source. It disconnects us from interacting with people and reality because more and more people decide to live their life based off the internet. It became a distraction to the young ones and to our society.

  When we say we live in a “jacked up society”, but has anyone ever thought of it that we are the society? We are the ones ruining our own country. We are the ones making the world the way it is now. So, therefore, I believe we are the ones that need to take, change, and impact everybody in this world. We are the ones to take initiative and build up a superior future through the lessons of schools and parents with respect to the issues of social media. As a country, we should be able to control and keep this from happening to our group of people . Social media is created to connect us with others but it’s used the opposite way.


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