I am writing to apply for DAAD scholarship

 I am writing toapply for DAAD scholarship for masters in agricultural statistics being offeredby eastern African statistical center.I am a young economist currently managing 5,000 coffeeplants .

Despite graduating from college with very little knowledge onagricultural statistics I have gained hands- on experience that has motivatedme to further my studies in this field. In addition, masters in agriculturalstatistics gives me a good background for my doctoral studies in agriculturaleconomics. My ultimate goal is to work with research based groups inagricultural sector or academic institution.In 2013, I graduated with bachelors of Economics andFinance from Kenyatta University. During the four academic years, I learntmainly microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and mathematical methods ofeconomics. I also completed my thesis titled “Economics of sustainable coffeeproduction in Fort-Ternan, Kenya.

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” During the study, Cobb-Douglas productionfunction was the econometric model used to define economic variables and datawas analyzed using SPSS which led to the conclusion that there is a significantrelationship between sustainability and production.My background in farm data collection, analysis andpresentation is an excellent pathway to a master’s degree in agricultural statistics.I have worked in a tea plantation where I ensured accurate and swift entry oftea output data when on field sessions. I also worked closely with fieldsupervisors on how they allocate labor-time on various activities in a flowerfarm.

Using excel for analysis was able to analyze man-hours used for each farmactivities and present it using charts. By studying the charts, fieldsupervisors were able to improve on their work plans. Finally, I generated linegraphs showing both tea and flower production trends and pattern thatcontributed to decision making process by management.

Naturally, I’m a leader and mentor, result oriented,tech-savvy and possess strong time management and organizational skills. Myinterest in agriculture as a means of improving livelihoods is what makes mestand out.        


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