I myself no matter it is physically or

I am someone who loves to be alone most of the time. I am an introvert who enjoys the quietness and concentrate on my own thoughts rather than communication with other people. I’m also relatively shy to meet new people or even start up a conversation. it might not be very obvious that I am shy and all but these are my struggles every time when I am exposed to events or even camps. In this judgmental society, I also have low confidence in myself no matter it is physically or academically. Hence, I would usually stay silent and do not dare to voice out my own opinion which I feel that it is a very bad habit of mine. Especially during a discussion, I realized that it is quite important to voice out for myself to be heard by teammates and me to learn from one another.

My interest is binge-watch Korean dramas and variety shows. Not only Korean but also other countries’ dramas when I have the time to do so. Especially for Korean dramas, I really appreciate and it piqued my interest to want to know more about Korean culture, customs, and language. During free time, I also love to play badminton with my little sister. We would usually take the time to also talk our hearts out while resting in between breaks of playing. I am not very good at badminton as I’m not a sporty person but I am willing to learn (from my sister as she plays way better than me). I also love dancing. I love to learn kpop dances during free time. There is a great sense of satisfaction after learning and able to dance with the groove.

Key skills I possess is decision making with others, being sensitive and perceiving feelings and situations (interpersonal skills).
Decision making with others – I always make sure that all of the group members are aware of any decision made before executing any decisions.
Being sensitive – I always try my best to be very careful about my speech and actions so as to not hurt or offend anyone unknowingly. However, this also makes me really afraid of speaking and express myself to others.
Perceiving feelings and situations – I am relatively quick to read the mood or atmosphere of a situation and will be really mindful of what I say and to lighten the atmosphere if possible.
Another skill is that I can speak and understand basic Korean language but not very proficient to keep up a conversation.

Values that I uphold in life is always kind to others and be respectful to others. I feel that these should not be taken for granted when people treat you with kindness and respect. We should always reciprocate and treat others the same way they treat you.

Based on the personality tests I’ve done online, the tests suggest that I’m artistic and is able to use interpersonal skills to resolve conflict, relating to and helping others. Indeed, I am very interested in work that deals with the artistic side of things such as music and acting and also emphasizing and share the emotions of others.

My Preferred Job

The job I’m interested in is a translator. It is under the industry of arts and entertainment.
Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a translator on the list:
Advise on or prepare language classification systems, grammars, dictionaries and similar materials.
Listen to information in one language and repeat it in another language.
Revise and correct translated material.
Proficient in at least two languages.
Work for government agencies, courts or other organizations that do business in other countries.
Work with written text and translate documents from one language to another.

The minimum qualification level is a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent. It is also to my advantage if I take up related courses such as Bachelor of arts in English or Master of arts to upgrade my skills.

The soft skill set is very important for a translator. Some include effective communication, responsibility, and ability to work under pressure and time management. Also, cultural intelligence is a vital skill for a translator. Translators have to deal with a cultural barrier between two countries. Being able to empathize with the audience whom the translated content would be useful to is a great plus point for a translator. It will inevitably help to work with people from all different backgrounds.

This type of job attracts me because it has flexible working hours and conditions to a certain extent. I’m not sure about all translators but most of them get to enjoy flexible working hours be it working at home or a freelance translator where you only get to work at certain timing. My own preference is jobs without fixed hours such that nine-to-five job is not for me as I feel that it is mundane to do the same thing all the time.Furthermore, the nature of the job covers a wide range of topics and face many unexpected challenges with every project that comes. Hence, I will not feel dull and bored with the job and have the thought of experiencing something new.

I find that there were not much career prospects shown on the Myskillsfuture website hence I went on to do some research on the internet. I found out that there are limitless career opportunities as a translator. A translator is a job that provides opportunities along the way to mold my career path according to my passion and interest. I can choose to open my own agency when I gain insights and experience about the field in the future or I can continue working as a translator based on past work experience or academic background for loyal customers to also earn a stable income.

Last but not least, the pay for the job is also relatively high with ample experience. Of course, we should not work for money but passion. I feel that interest is the most important reason while money comes secondary. However, we should also earn enough to be able to support ourselves and family. Set a balance between dream and reality is of paramount importance too.

Course Structure and Modules

Business communication, Innova, and The School of Interdisciplinary Studies IS module
business communication gives me the opportunity to hone my communications skills to deliver clear and logical information to the audience. Through various activities and presentation, I have no doubt that it will aid in my discussion techniques and people skills.
innova is a module that allows my creativity to flow and think logically to implement solutions to the current problem. It also helps to bring what we are learning to apply it to the real world.
The IS module acts as a platform for students to develop competence is in core areas that their course did not provide. For instance, Culture and Communication, and Personal Mastery and Development. The module provides insights into Arts and Humanities, Business, Design, and Science and Technology.

There is three area of specializations that we are able to choose which are marketing, human capital management, and entrepreneurship. I will most likely to take up entrepreneurship specialization as I always have a goal and dream of opening a business of mine. This specialization will give me more background knowledge and insights about business will aid me in my plans for the future. However, I cannot deny that it is quite impossible to start up a business immediately due to the lack of experience and connections in the society. Hence, I will pursue jobs that I am interested in to gain experience first and to build a foundation for my future company if I have the ability financially and physically.

I am interested in projects I am able to create videos or other more interesting ways to present my understanding of the module instead of mundane ways such as reports or slide presentation which we normally do from primary school to secondary school. I am not suggesting that such ways are not useful and effective in grasping how well we are doing in the module but I feel that these ways limit our creativity to present in a more “fun” and engaging way. I am also looking forward to intern in a company that allows me to learn more about how an event or even a concert is organized. Although this is quite irrelevant from what I am learning now I have a passion for this kind of jobs about organizing events especially working with overseas companies. A translator then comes to act and I am able to do work that I am passionate about. Probably in the future, I am able to enterprise a company that organizes events, connecting Singapore and other countries.

CCAs and Enrichment activities

There are certain co-curriculum activities that are provided in NP that will benefit and develop skills that I need to hone. They are Toastmasters and current affairs. Toastmasters helps to build up confidence in individuals in speaking to a crowd which is really a good platform for me to learn how to enunciate words properly and logically in front of a crowd with confidence. Current affairs can aid in cultivating a good habit of reading the newspaper to know what is going on in Singapore and globally. It is an opportunity for me to express my thought and ideas to a group of people through constructive discussion and comments by team members. The club also holds dialogue sessions with national, society and industry leaders which will undoubtedly open the eye of mine and let me learn more about how things are operated in the real world.

There is an open house of different universities going on in the school which allows me to go and takes a look about the different course and activities they offer that is close to my goal. There is also talks and dialogue session by industry leaders or owners who come down to our school to answer students questions and to share their experience about the hardships and obstacles they met. Not only that, they also advise students on what they can explore or do to better prepare them to meet their goals in the future. Recently, the cohort was involved in a programme named Mentorship and the school invited successful company directors who act as our mentors to give us more insights about the operation of a business.

Other enrichment programme that I would like to participate is Foreign language enhancement programme. The programme learns travel essentials language for business and work and was able to gain a gateway to a new culture. The new language that I would want to take up is Korean. As I’ve always loved to watch Korean dramas and variety shows, I feel that learning Korean is a language that I won’t be giving up learning easily as it is something that I will use more often. During vacation, it is important to also get a part-time job not only to earn some allowance myself but also learn how to work with others and communicating with others while learning new skills. Be it soft skills or technical skills, I feel that gaining knowledge is something that will benefit me probably not at the moment but in the future.

Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

The two programmes that I am considering is Bachelor of business management (BBM) at Singapore Management University and BA Translation and Interpretation at Singapore University of Social Science.

The structure of BBM will first be mastering the fundamentals of business management and leadership, and in the process, gain insights into the major areas of global business. Students choose a business major from a choice of seven business specializations (corporate communication, finance, strategic management, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior & human resources and quantitative finance). Concentrations within the finance major (wealth management concentration, international trading concentration, investment banking concentration, financial risk analysis concentration) and management major (entrepreneurship concentration) enhance students’ competitive edge in the job market.
The admission requirements are good 3-year full-time Polytechnic diploma in either of the 5 polytechnics, an interview for shortlisted applicants, and for mathematics requirement, applicants are expected to meet additional requirements in the form of a good pass in Mathematics at Additional Mathematics at O-Level or obtain good passes in similar subjects done in the Polytechnic will also be considered. The reason that I chose this course is that I am interested in operating a business of my own so I gave myself two choices to choose from in the future to see if I am really the cut for business or a few more years of training and learning is still needed.
The structure of Translation and Interpretation is that students are required to complete a total of 130 credit units (cu) to graduate with a basic degree, inclusive of 10 cu of university core courses. The breakdown of the cu to be completed is: 20 cu of Chinese Core Courses; 20 cu of English and Contrastive Courses; 30 cu of Translation and Interpretation Core Courses; 40 cu of Translation and Interpretation Elective Courses; 10 cu General Electives; 10 cu of University Core Courses.??? For the admission requirements, it requires at least a Grade B4 in GCE ‘AO’ Level Chinese Language, or at least a Grade B4 in GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Chinese, or at least a Grade A2 in GCE ‘O’ Level Chinese (including CL2, and/or CL). I choose this study as it helps me to achieve my goal as a translator and this helps to hone my skills in translation.


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