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I am not a robot is a sort of drama that is almost in perfection but is not free of any deformity. It is a recommended drama that can grabbed anyone’s attention and unknowingly, being crazy waiting and then feel delighted by each episode. It must be a very interesting drama because a lot of people are into it. But there are also things that people should consider. The main plot of the story must be put on the record as it lacks credibility as the story continues. First it is notified that there is an absence of concreteness which is in connection to the main idea of the story, followed by the actress’ deficiency of neutralization as it acts like a robot, lastly the scenes are a bit presage as it lacks some intoxicating feeling.
I am not a robot is a Korean drama created by Han Hee, written by Kim Sun-mi and Lee Seok-joon, and directed by Jung Park-yoon. The story talks about Kim Min-kyu(Yoo Seung-ho)
lives an isolated life due to the severe allergy to other people. While Jo Ji-ah(Chae Soo-bin) is a woman whom is trying to survive her everyday life by trying out different business. However, after an encounter with Min-kyu, she ended up pretending to be a robot in place of Aji 3. This robot was developed by Prof. Baek-hyun(Um ki-joon), Ji-ah’s ex-boyfriend and his team. The day before the robot must be tested, an accident occurred as Baek-hyun modeled Aji 3 afer Ji ah, the team ends up recruiting her in place of the robot. Likewise, the modernization of technology and advancement of inventions are very interesting. However, the scenes in every episode took a lot of time causing it to be monotonous and also the scene went a bit swayed to the main point as the ex-boyfriend doesn’t mentioned to be in love with the female character.
As the story begins to unveil, the most humorous and favored part for the viewers iswhen Min-kyu spent most of his whole life building a giant house of cards. When Ji ah accidentally knocks it down while cleaning, then announces that she’s out of power and shut down. Though people are really into that scene and must say it is really funny, there are some defects that need to be considered. Like the clearness of the female character’s role, it is seen to be a bit debatable, because her expressions and reactions are way too obvious just for an artificial robot. The atmosphere of the scene carries it all and also the graphics and some funny sound effects are appreciated. As it continues, Kim Min-kyu the leading man of the drama captured the viewers especially women’s attention not just in his very professional acting, but also in his physical appearance. It is stated by some of his fans in general that, he has this charm that could make someone under his spell, as well as his acting is said to be so wholehearted and has seen dedication within him.
I am not a robot is a drama that could be rated as 3.5/5. It is explained that the story was cliché the reason why some viewers got bored easily. The dialogues, scenes, and turning points of events are very predictable to happen. Aside from that, the drama took 32 episodes to complete causing scenarios to have a dead air in between episodes. It is highly recommended to put some twists to make the viewers satisfaction, also the story must be dynamic yet exciting to entertain and avoid those dull part. As stated, it is a recommended drama that people should watch. Aside from it has a good story, it also provides a high standard of modernization which people might encounter in the future. This drama is much better to watch with someone whom you are comfortable with. Though it has defects, the flaw of the story where easy to understand if you are really into it. A good drama to watch if you have nothing to do, a sort of movie marathon or bonding with people whom are are special to you or just with someone you feel comfy.


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