I for my country and do something

I am from agricultural background.

Being from agricultural background I selected agriculture education. My goal from beginning of my degree in agriculture was to do something that could help my country in food sector. As I am from under developed country there are a lot of problems related to food as there is scarcity of food in some areas of Pakistan, yield of our crops is not according to international standards, our farmer is not well educated or he is not provided with the information that are necessary to achieve international standards, export related problems also exist. After seeing this all I decided to be asset for my country and do something that could help my country in food sector problems.

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All this love for the very field continued and has practically moved me to apply for this AFC Master program here in ENSAT France. I have firm belief this program will help me to achieve my goals.I am excellent student from my childhood. I have good grades in my all levels of education.I am currently student of BSC (Hons) Agriculture major in Plant Breeding and Genetics with above average CGPA of 3.

08 till 6th semester. In my whole degree I covered courses Agronomy, Horticulture, Animal sciences, Food Science and technology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Pathology, Agriculture Economics, Entomology with excellent grades. My internship research will be on rice.  I had good grip on food science subjects and Agriculture Economics therefore I selected this AFC program. I am interested in the program to find solutions that How we can create awareness about scientific realities? How we can create awareness about social and economic realities of modern agriculture and food industries? How we can reduce food scarcity in underdeveloped countries? And many other key areas. I have curious nature. There is an innate researcher inside me, I have passion for this field, I believe that this is better carrier prospect for me.

I am fond of travelling the world and exposure of French culture and learning new language will be a great joy for me all this my motives and goals can be fulfilled by Master in Agro Food Chain Program Here in ENSAT France.Thank you for reading


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