I inhale too much of its fumes.

I am reviewing  causes and effects of air pollution, and what cause and effects it has on the  earth’s atmosphere.  Some people rarely think about the conditions of air on earth. Did you stop to think if we were causing pollution in the air? Unknowingly, we cause air pollution in various ways such as :gas from cars, littering and even chemical leakage from factories.

The littlest things you could possibly think of could affect the air on earth. What could possibly help reduce  air pollution? Well, I believe electric cars and  recycling could help reduce air pollution. For example, recycling can reduce  air pollution by about 20%. Recycling can help prevent greenhouse emissions which causes an increase in pollution of the air. On the other hand, electrical cars  could decrease air pollution also, because there would be no more usage of gas.

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If we reduce air pollution we can stop the spread of diseases. If we do that we could help stabilize the human population if we can stop the spread of disease. Gas from cars is another example of air pollution. Cars pollute the air all the time. For example, when you  try to operate a vehicle the gas from the car leaves off  into the air, or   trucks which  emits off diesel from  cars into the air. Air pollution from cars and trucks separate  into two types of pollution which are  secondary and primary  pollution. secondary pollution results from chemical reactions between the pollutants and the atmosphere while Primary pollution  goes directly into the atmosphere.The health risk of  pollution are extremely dangerous.

When refueling a vehicle, manufacturing, or disposal of a vehicle you can also cause air pollution. 80 to 90 percent of environmental impact of cars are due to fuel consumption and emission of air pollution. The gas from cars could not only be toxic to the air, but very fatal to humans because it can hurt your lungs if you inhale too much of its fumes. Direct inhalation can cause carbon monoxide poisoning to the body.

Gas leakage is very dangerous, and should be carefully dealt with.   Another example of air pollution is littering. Does littering seem  harmless? Littering is one of the greatest hazardous forms of air pollution you can think of.  Littering  can harm humans and even plants everyday survival, because both species need unpolluted water to survive. For example, when a person litters not only do they pollute the air  but they also spread trash on the land , which  creates a breeding ground for bacteria and also attracts vermin .For example, in our daily lives we litter and do not notice the effects it has on the earth’s atmosphere and even our health.

Littering is a public health risk,  in many ways , for instance, non degradable littering such as :plastic , batteries, glass , and rubber can cause health risk. One of the main troublemakers of littering are smokers and their use of cigarettes. The overwhelming amount of cigarette buds littered. The reason why they are so harmful to the air is because they  include chemicals such as arsenic which can contaminate our water or our soil. If we reduce the amount of cigarette buds that we litter on the ground in our everyday lives, we could better our earth’s atmosphere. If that solution does not work we could always take a stand and partake in recycling.

Recycling is a beneficial way to convert waste into reusable material, by doing so we can prevent the polluting of the atmosphere, we could prevent health risk, and stop any form of air pollution and human endangerment.Chemical Leakage from factories could really have effects on the human population. The outcome of the chemical leakage can be dangerous. For example the chemical leakage from factories can cause, birth defects,  possibly death when ingested, and poisoning.  Industrial pollution is one of the most dangerous types of air pollution. Chemical leakage from factories emitting, leakage discarding can be very crucial to the population; because industrial areas have a wide population.

For example, if there were to be a chemical spilling in a industrial area at a factory, and if  the air began to be polluted, it would take zero amount of time to reach the people in that area,because it is less space and everyone lives nearby.By chance if  the leakage was in a rural area  it would take more time for the polluted air to spread throughout the human homes, because in an rural area there is a vast amount of space and everyone lives a great distance from each other.  Even though, air pollution is one of the largest problem the world faces.

Mankind pollutes the earth’s atmosphere everyday.We fail to realize, that even though we can solve all these problems by either recycling , reducing gas usage of cars, and prevent chemical spills from factories..  There are many results, of chemical leakages, gas from cars, and even littering . Even though we have to pay a vast amount of money to fix these problem dealing with  pollution.

 I hope the people in our communities damaging the atmosphere notice the harm they’re causing to the atmosphere.  I believe  we should partake in helping to better our communities air and prevent air pollution. By, doing so we will prevent health risk throughout the population. For one, the reason why  trying to prevent air pollution is a challenge, for example, the cost to help reduce, prevent, or stop air pollution  is unimaginable. For example, we would have to spend vast amounts of money on recycling bins, we would have to pay for enough recycling bins for a whole community not for just one person, but we fail to realize that. Our communities will become broke trying to pitch in to help prevent air pollution.

People will consider how much impact we have on the pollution of earth’s air. Hopefully, we as a population can come together and help stop or even reduce air pollution.We could reduce the spread of sickness by reduced air pollution. The reduction of air pollution can help improve many communities throughout the world. All in all, our world would be a better place to live and, our air would be fresher, and that would be one less problem for the ozone layer.


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