I work hard and utilize alumni’s network, and

I have been interested in the realm of science since childhood. I started competing in national science Olympiads in grade 3.As I grew up, I started entering national level science competitions of Iken Scientifica(construction of robotic structures) and International Science Olympiad I competed in the International Science Olympiad in my sophomore year.Enrolling in these contests gave me an idea of the sciences. This prompted my plan to enter the medical field and become something related to the major of science.  I  also desire to research topics that are linked to paleontology, Mariana trench and radioactivity found in the Indus valley. I studied publications about articles about research. My interest and participation in various tournaments of math and science in the past will help me attain my goal. I accumulate information about new experiments taking place throughout the world like the first flight of the largest plane on earth, the stratolaunch and the importance of it.My mission is to increase understanding of basic primate biology and to improve human health,  quality of life through research through design, fabrication, and calibration services in scientific instrumentation.UW–Madison is recognized as one of the largest and most productive biology facilities in the world and so I could pair up with various people and conduct research.In addition, there are research observatories, centers, and labs through which I could learn more like the Arboretum, Biotron, Physical Sciences Laboratory and the Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology.I am looking for a College that offers a degree in Biology and the University of Wisconsin met my expectations. I could improve by the summer research programs like the Research Experience for Undergraduates(REU) and Internships.I can wide my research by using the funding from the college.I can join The Hoofer Scuba Club and the Hoofer Ski and Snowboard Club as I am fascinated by activities like scuba diving and snowboarding. I want to repay any loan I take while I am attending college at a fast pace.Under this section, I got to know that students work hard and utilize alumni’s network, and likely receive a job upon graduation.I also got to know about jobs like Health Care-Medical and Science-Tech-Eng-Math.I can earn money, develop friendships, build leadership skills, develop professional habits and explore potential carriers.I  also learned about post-graduation placement, internships, and externships. One of the circumstances that had an impact on my academic performance was when I was a sophomore and faced problems in math. I used to forget formulas and the methods to solve different problems and used to ask my tutor to explain the same sum twice or thrice.My only problem is that I forget stuff after a period of time, like going blank if I didn’t practice that particular formula for a few days. I increased my hours of study and decreased the time for games and television.I used to spend 7-8 hours on tuition every day. I used to go to tuitions and used return home at 10 PM. I lost interest in television and games that I stopped it entirely and focused only on studies. In the end of the year, I got an 8.6 CGPA out of 10(CGPA is considered in India and not GPA) and ranked 9th in class. I also gave the IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) and scored 94.60%, giving me the second position in the school. I got more confident in math and it has become one of my favorite subjects.I also gave the National Science Olympiad and was ranked 8th in school with an 84.6%. I have a huge interest in rigorous subjects like math and science and I believe that if I practice more, I could reach my goals.The University of Wisconsin is equally great in all aspects including academics, social life, and athletics and this piqued my interest.


I'm Mary!

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