I to my eyes, finally I reached the

I awoke to find myself in
another world, a world of suffering. As the numbness of sleep slowly faded from
my limbs, I felt dead grass poking into back, like tiny needles. I opened my
eyes and gasped in a breath, but nothing came and I choked on my own dry
tongue. There was no air in this menacing world; lack of oxygen descended on my
mind in a panic, in desperation I sucked in another breath, burning my lungs
with a ferocity that consumed me. Mist descended on my eyes. I could feel my
heart beating against my rib cage, slowing every second. I immediately escaped
the gloomy residential ward and started running towards the research facility.
Everything was getting darker to my eyes, finally I reached the World Health
Organization’s Research Facility. I was towards the research room. As I entered the room, I was taken aback.
It was a chaotic environment under confusion as everyone was debating over what
to do. The researchers had already started oxygenating the air in the building.
According to the electronic report, we were facing severe deficiency of oxygen
in the air, anoxia it was. The United Nations declared it a worldwide crisis as
we were called to the Headquarters at Geneva, Switzerland. We were off to
Geneva with oxygen cylinders on. Helicopter’s rotors roared far off in the air
as it created a dust storm when it flew off the ground. The helicopter blades
sliced through the thick air, heavy with moisture. The rhythmic sound
reverberated out to the dawn. Switzerland was no longer the peaceful place I
remembered from yesterday. Winds whipped us and beat us down in an instant
before easing again just as quickly. It felt as if the world had been deserted,
a complete silence. We soon landed, everyone there was busy in finding
solutions to the crisis. Deforestation had already been at its peak but the
nineteen percent oxygen in the atmosphere was not something which could have
suddenly vanished. We had started production of oxygen from Natural Gas in all
our facilities round the globe, however, it wasn’t reliable. Suddenly flashed
into my memory, the book in my university years, which said that to solve any
biological crisis, the first step is observation. I came up with the idea to
observe the production of oxygen by natural sources. The results were that only
ten percent of oxygen was being produced by land plants and on the other side,
the marine algae which used to produce seventy percent of all the oxygen was
not producing any oxygen at all. With this I concluded that there must be some
problem with the marine algae. With the help of research team, in a few days,
we were able to get a sample of marine algae from Arabian Sea. Soon we
distinguished that it was contaminated by an air oxygen absorber and now it had
started absorbing oxygen into water rather than producing it. I immediately
commanded the committee for the use of hydrogen per oxide which could
deactivate this air oxygen absorber. We mixed it up with the water of the
oceans. Soon marine life was re-established after which we started treating the
people affected by anoxia. By now, the world had realized the importance of
plants. As a mere human, I felt so small and insignificant in the mighty face
of Mother Nature. She flexed her muscles and taught us a harsh lesson of
respect for this environment.


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