Introduction key aspects to business growth is


There has been increased competition in the business world. This is attributed to existence of different manufacturers producing similar products. Technology has been advancing day in day out with the latest technology winning the market favour. As any company aim is to maximize the returns and lower the cost of production while still providing efficient services to its customers, regular review of the company’s market strategy is very necessary. One of the key aspects to business growth is marketing. The information about the product to be sold must be presented well to the prospective customer.

The best way to approach it is to indentify the market needs and explain how the product is to fulfil the market demand. This paper seeks to lay a platform for making a platform for marketing plan for motor industry company specifically Hyundai. The paper will provide a marketing description of Hyundai eqqus, its primary benefits to the consumers, the relevant brand issues relating to the company as well as reasons as to why consumers would choose the product over those of other competitors in the motor industry.

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Hyundai eqqus

Most motor vehicle buyers buy their cars for different reasons, for example, sporting, commercial, business purposes as well as a sign of social class. The Hyundai show room is furnished with different models of car specifying specific needs as per the requirement. The cars are categorised into three main categories which are passenger, recreational and commercial (Hyundai 1). Some of the important aspects considered are the suitability of the car for the purpose it was intended, the convenience of the car and the availability of the maintenance service to the customers. Hyundai eqqus is manufactured in South Korea.

The car history dates back from 1970 to date. The Hyundai car manufacturer falls under Hyundai group comprising of different institutions in almost all fields of the economy (Kanda 1). Due to increased growth of the company since its establishment in the mid nineteenth century, there have been need to establish new branches in different parts of the world. Increased market demand for Hyundai automobiles has also necessitated it. This has had positive effects in that accessibility to any model has been brought closer to the customers. There have been continuous motor industry improvements which have been used in various Hyundai motor vehicle models. These have been able to meet different customer’s requirement such as speed, fuel consumption and general outlook.

The company also gives back to the community through aspects such as environmental conservation and World cup Sponsoring. The Hyundai eqqus has resulted from improved technology and a high class vehicle which is becoming preferred by the upper class. According to the current world, safety has become a necessity. The Hyundai eqqus has incorporated the necessary security measures. The vehicle is equipped with airbags, safety belts, good suspension, good head lamps, reflectors and very good braking system. The seat belts are now a necessity in any car and must be equal to the number of seats in the car as a rule to the car manufacturers. The belts help to maintain the person on board in his position in case of a crash thus minimising the extent of the injuries that might be suffered.

The existence of well performing head lamps and well placed side mirrors assist the driver to view clearly the road so as to be able to react in time in case of an emergency. The suspensions are strong and made from good material whose research has shown promising results. These suspensions are designed so as to favour different types of roads by being able to absorb the shock waves (Hyundai experience 1). The airbags ensure the persons on board do not get injuries from objects inside the car in case of an accident (Gilles 3). The steering wheel is hydraulic and is very good. It has good finishes which not only look attractive but also give the hands a firm grip while driving. The dash board is also covered to avoid minor injuries that might occur.

This car can also be armoured to avoid injuries and death when the passengers are attacked by armed gangs who shoot at them. Armoured vehicles have found their market among top executives such as presidents and they can withstand blasts (Living 4). Their numbers are increasing day in day out. This is due to increased criminal activities all around the world.

The physical outlook of any product is of much importance in the marketing of any product. Attractive products usually attract customer’s attention and are found to win in the market. Hyundai have put this into place by making perfect finishes on the Hyundai eqqus model.

Despite Hyundai eqqus’ high standard manufacturing for its customers, its price is relatively low compared to that of its fellow competitors. The main competitors are BMW, Mercedes and Toyota. The Hyundai vehicle allows less external noise into the vehicle and thus provides a conducive environment for working inside the vehicle. Hyundai eqqus is equipped with gadgets that are connected to the internet. These gargets are useful in terms of communication and access of data.

This is one of the latest technologies in the motor industry thus pushing it a step ahead (Motor Authority 1). In the current world, there has been the problem of global warming. This has led to numerous researches on the best ways to minimize the negative impact. Global warming has been a consequence of air pollution. The main sources of this pollution are from the increased number of industries and motor vehicles. This pollution interferes with the Ozone layer which plays a major role in protecting the earth from harmful radiations.

The Hyundai Company has incorporated technology in its motor vehicle models such as Hyundai eqqus to increase efficiency which is inversely proportional to pollution. This is a great move that should be encouraged since it helps in the conservation of our environment.


Considering the current increase in the number of car purchases around the globe, the customers are left with a decision to make as to which car fits them. Different manufacturers have put into place the technology available to them. In the case of Hyundai eqqus, the technology has been incorporated to bring forth the good features it pocesses so as to sail well in the modern market.

Another important thing in this car is its fair price compared to those of equivalent vehicles from competitors. The Hyundai eqqus car is also environmental friendly as the good mechanisms have been put in place to take care of the exhaust products. Thus taking into account all this factors make the Hyundai eqqus one of the best car available for purchase in the market.

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