Husbands letter it would not just change

Husbands secret   The Husband’s Secret is a young adult fiction book written by  Liane Moriarty. This book is set in Sydney Australia when Cecilia Fitzpatrick stumbled upon a letter that was not meant to be read. Little did Cecilia know if she opened up this letter it would not just change her life it would also greatly affect the lives of two other women as well.

“Liane Moriarty is an Australian author with a total of six best selling novels” The book I read was the Husband’s secret and internationally sold 3 million books. “As of  2013, the book was also amazon’s best selling book, as well in the UK the book was their best selling book of the year”. “The book was so popular that CBS acquired the filming rights to make “The Husband’s Secret” a movie.” (BookBrowse. “Liane Moriarty author biography.”, www.bookbrowse.

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com/biographies/index.cfm/author_number/2967/liane-moriarty.) Cecilia with her husband and three lovely children seemed to live a perfect life when moved to Sydney Australia. After Cecilia Moved to Sydney Tess O’Leary moved there with  her son after an incident with her husband.

She moved to Sydney because her husband confessed his undying love for her cousin. Tess’s and Cecilia’s children all go to St.Angela’s together where another one of Tess’s ex-boyfriends is the Physical Ed teacher there.

After she enrolls her son Liam and runs into her ex she believes that their love will be there again. Another woman who tie into this web of disaster is Rachel Crowley she is the school secretary and she previously had a child enrolled there as well. Well, emphasis on the previously her daughter Janie was murder and the culprit still hasn’t been found for years. Rachel has a deep hatred for the p.e teacher because she has a suspicion that he played a role in the murder of Janie Crowley murder. Rachel’s suspicion of the murderer grows after Cecilia finds the letter in the attic that her husband wrote to her. The letter reads all about how he was the one who killed Rachel and apparently had a relationship with her as well.

In the letter John paul Cecilia’s husband exclaims how Julia and himself were going out but not as if they would go out in public and have dinner. Although that is eventually what John Paul wanted to happen. As she keeps reading the letter he also explains that Julia met him in the park one night and wanted to break it off because she had found another boy her age she was interested in.

Instead of her being sympathetic she laughs walking away. John Paul writes that he did not mean to kill Julia but it was an “accident”. While she was walking away he stands their sad and angry. He runs and attacks her before he could think of what he was doing she was laying there on the ground cold and dead. The police never suspected him because they didn’t even know that knew they knew each other. They were different ages one was married, although he did say that if someone else was accused then he would fess up to the crime. The only person who was accused was Connor the gym teacher but he had a solid alibi. After she read the letter she had noticed that Tess and Conor had begun to have relations.

Then Rachel found a video of  Conor and Julia the day she was killed and turned it into the police she was one hundred percent sure that he killed her. Then one friday Tess and her son Liam said that they would meet Conor at the park but their plans were ruined by Tess’s cousin. One of Celia’s daughters heard that Tess’s ex-husband and her cousin broke up and her ex-was coming to sydney to win her back. That’s when Tess calls Conor and tells him she can’t come and he was already at the park.

Cecilia John Paul and their 3 daughters were there as well riding bikes and Polly one of the daughters see’s her favorite teacher Conor, and chases him to say hi. When Polly was riding over to Conor rachel was driving over to confront Conor and didn’t see Polly and ran into her. She was rushed to the hospital where she lost her right arm from the elbow down. Rachel felt so bad and tried to talk to cecilia and tell her she was just going over to see conor to tell him she knows that he killed her daughter.

Cecilia was mad at Rachel but when she heard that she thought that Conor killed Julia she couldn’t hold it in and let it out. “John Paul killed Julia I am so sorry Rachel”. She screamed.At the end of the book I can conclude that nothing in this book  I can relate to. Although this book does remind me of Pandora’s Box.

It reminds me of this because when you let a secret out it can change everything and anything at once.   


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