Hurricanes mobile homes, and small crafts. Category III

Hurricanes can be caused by many forces acting upon one anotherThe hurricane must form over ocean water that is 26.5* C. Hurricanes draw their energy from warm waters. The atmosphere must be unstable.

teacher always told me The cyclone has to be at most 500 kilometers from the equator, because the Coriolis force is not present there. The Coriolis Force makes the cyclone spiral and maintain it’s low pressure. A high pressure area must be present above the storm, whichpushes away the air that is rising from the storm. Hurricanes may not always form in these conditions, but they always have to be present.Hurricane are categorized into 5 categories, starting with the smallest and working its way up to the largest Category I Hurricanes have winds of 118-153, storm surges of 1.2 meters andcause very little damage.

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Category II hurricanes have winds of 154 through 177. Storm surges,swells, up to 1.7 meters and damage to shrubbery, mobile homes, and small crafts. Category IIIhave winds from 178-210, storm surges up to 2.7 meters. Damage is done to Trees, roofs, mobilehomes, some flooding occurs, and damage is done to roofs. Category IV have winds from 211-249. Storm surges get to an amazing 4.

0 meters. Damage is done to all signs, roofing, majorflooding, and evacuation is planned. Category V hurricanes, the most deadly of all hurricanes haswinds of 250 plus.

Enormous surges of 5.5 meters plus and damage is done to nearly everything. Hurricanes are born in the ocean no more than 500 kilometers from the equator. The water has to be warm and high pressure areas must be present.Hurricane season affects the eastern coast, the Caribbean, and Central America itoccurs from June to November, when waters are warm and pressure is high. In the

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