Introduction and unofficial rules and each individual


Research has shown that human beings are dependant in nature.

We therefore depend on each other to survive and/or succeed in life. The interdependence of people therefore leads to development of interpersonal relationships that are built with the aim of making life better and building frameworks for success (Sayn 1). Relationships are a common phenomena in the society and they are found everywhere in families, schools, work places, professional teams, etcetera. Each kind of relationship has its own requirements and unofficial rules and each individual relates with a second individual in a unique way depending on the characters of the two individuals. Since there is no perfect society, relationships are built under very strong foundations of mistakes and compromise (Sayn 2). Other people may opt to conduct research on how they are supposed to relate to people but this has seldom worked for people. Therefore, the strongest relationships are built through people relating with each other and knowing each other with time.

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Since the society is made up of people, they are the key determinants of how their society will be. Thus for a society to be a good one, the people living in it should relate well and solve differences with maturity and diplomacy. The achievement of this goal may prove to be evasive but with perseverance and goodwill, a good society is achievable. The people living in the society just have to wish each other well and be willing to help each other as humanly as possible.

Aspects of Humans’ relationship

The development of a good relationship among human beings living together is of great importance to both the people and the community. It is common knowledge that when individuals in a given community or organization fall out in public, it is the organization that suffers more than the people involved. With this kind of statement, one may even wonder why people have to disagree and bring disgrace to their society causing losses that may be financial or otherwise.

Another reason why the development of a good relationship among people living in a community is essential is the fact that building a relationship acts as an investment or even insurance against misfortunes. This is because when one gets into a problem, the people he/she relates well with are mostly willing to give him/her a helping hand. On the other hand, a person gives a helping hand to other people in need when they also become unfortunate. As a matter of fact, maintenance of good relationships between and among people costs a lot of sacrifice (Harvey 390).

This is because nobody is perfect and thus to maintain a good relationship with other people, there has to be compromises. For instance, one may know a friend for a very long time as a trustworthy person but the friend may betray him/her one day. In such a case, a wise person will talk to his/her friend and seek to know the reason for the act of betrayal.

This is because the friend may have a good reason for the act. Depending on the answer that the friend gives, the former is supposed to make a compromise and have serious dialogue with his/her friend to ensure that such an act will not be repeated. The essence of this, even on selfish grounds, is the fact that the person, who betrays you today, may be the only one who will be able to help you in a very challenging situation in the future. To ensure that one gives the best contribution for the betterment of his society, there are a number of things that he/she has to ensure that he/she has done. First of all, people should ignore their desire to live a separate and personal life.

People usually tend to keep to themselves instead of including other people in their personal life, who may end up being a bother to them. If this feeling is not withdrawn, relationships will be difficult to come by. Thus for good relationships among people to exist, people should learn to appreciate the aspect of society and shed off the independence drive that most people live under. This will be very instrumental in helping them cope with people and ultimately help them relate well with members of their society (Shane 300).

Another prerequisite for good relationships is the fact that people must learn the truth about life. Life is a journey that is made up of ups and downs. For one to succeed in life, they should be in a position to face the challenges and accept difficulties as they come.

This is because, by passing through challenges, one has a lot to learn and therefore he/she gets valuable skills on how to relate with people. Part of the challenges is created by the relationships people have with others. Therefore, for any relationship to be declared good enough, the parties must have accepted themselves and the other parties in the relationship as well. If this is observed, the society will be composed of people in good terms with their fellow human beings. Additionally, people should take the lead in living the kind of life they wish their friends or relatives to live. This way, they will provide an example of what should be done to maintain a healthy relationship.

This means that we should do to others what we would want to be done to us. The fact is that, everyone always wishes the best for themselves (Shane 297). So, if what we wish for us is the same as what we would wish for our neighbours then no bad deeds would be done to other people. Living by this principle implies that the society will only have people who understand each other and who can relate with each other well.

In such a case, there will be no law breakers like thieves, hijackers, rapists, arsonists and so on.

Benefits of good relationships in the society

A good society is what everyone round the globe is crying for. This is because there are so many benefits that result once the people in a society are in good relationships. The greatest advantage is the presence of peace in the society. Peace is said to prevail when people are in good terms (Harvey 391). When peace prevails in a society, the people living within the society are able to build stronger relationships since there will be less or no animosity between and among members of the society. On the other hand, a society that lacks peace will have an environment that is not conducive for building relationships primarily because members of the society will not have enough trust towards each other.

A society in which people relate well will be able advance economically. This is because there will be sufficient co-ordination and cooperation in undertaking the affairs of the society. Therefore, with good relationships, people will be able to work together in coming up with projects and also in implementing them. Such projects will be very useful to the community since with proper co-ordination, they will be set up such that they help almost all members of the society (McGinnis 1).

Another benefit of good relationships in the society is that of high productivity in all sectors. When people in the society are in good relationships they are able to combine their efforts and work together hence leading to increased output. For instance, in a case where a project is to be implemented with limited funding, the community may provide labour and materials for the project to ensure that it is actualized. Such a community will therefore have tremendous growth in its economic welfare. This is because people will have less relationship problems and thus they will be able to give more time to work.

Last but not least, in a society where there are good relationships among people there are few instances of people suffering without help. People will only help others when they are in good terms such that one can freely express their problems and the other person is generously willing to help (Waxmberg 1). For instance, if a person who does not relate well with people gets into trouble, it will be difficult for him/her to get help from other people. However, if people are in bad relationships, a disease may spread like bush fire as people will not be willing to take responsibility over sharing important information that could help in stopping the same (Shane 300). This leads to death of many innocent people, whose lives would be saved by just informing others. This gives a clear indication of the cost that comes with creation of good relationships among individual.

Qualities of a good society

The society is made up of people and the people make the society.

Therefore depending on the type of people forming it up, a society may either be good or bad. A good society is hard to create and find, though with people’s sacrifice and hard work it is possible. A good society is one that makes it comfortable for people to live in it and be associated with.

It is one that gives people the freedom of practicing their rights without being oppressed, it lacks violence and discrimination. It is also one that cares and provides for its inhabitants. The society does this by providing facilities, services and offers like educating the unfortunate students, provision of security and many others. Research done by many philosophers indicates that a society that values cultural, religious, racial, language and ethnic diversity, and uses them to its advantage becomes a good society.

In fact, the diversity should stimulate better relationships since an association between people from different background will be more exciting than that of people from the same background. Defence on the society is also another essential aspect. Just as it has been discussed above, people will only defend a society in which they have good relationships with the people living therein (McGinnis 1).

Thus, the people’s relationships and the society are inseparable entities and thus the former should not be alienated from the latter. This is because of the mere reason that the two are closely linked and have high degree of correlation. Due to this, human beings are advised to avoid complaining, criticizing, or looking for escape points when they are working for their society.


In conclusion, human beings are the ones who make a society and thus they are also the ones who determine whether the society will be good or not. We should, therefore, appreciate the responsibility we have towards our society and work hard towards making it better. This can be achieved through the use of the aforementioned approaches in maintaining good relationships with society members and ensuring that the society offers a favourable environment for good relationships. Some specific examples of how one may be of use to his/her society is being active in conflict resolution, coming up with strategies for ensuring that people in the society do not fall out easily and promoting unity within the society.

One may also care for the society by giving assistance in community work and rewarding, encouraging and motivating people working for the society (Waxmberg 1). This is only possible in circumstances where the people are in good relationships because when people are not in good terms most of the times they usually do not wish the best for their opponents. With this point, it is apparent that a good society is more or less self-sustaining because it provides frameworks that make people relate well.

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