Humans causing people to be more lazy and

Humans have become more dependant on technology over the past century. Technology use leads to unauthentic relationships and  has affected us in various ways. The use of technology has led many people into depression, causing people to isolate themselves. Technology also affected our communication skills. It causes us to be unfulfilled with our lives. Lastly, technology is addicting and distracting. A 2014 study found that that 92% of American children have an online presence before the age of twelve. Although technology keeps us up to date with news around the world and our society, it has impacted humans very negatively. The use of social media, and technology has caused many people to become depressed. Technology can help isolate people in negative ways. Technology today has caused most of our generation to be sad and isolate themselves. Mazzone Borzoni 2 Technology has become a huge distraction for everyone that uses it. Technology is causing people to be more lazy and stay in the same position for many hours at a time. Media gives you loads of entertainment in seconds which can lead to negative responses. Many students are addicted to their phones and can only focus for up to three minutes at a time. Dominguez Hills conducted a study of high school students to determine how technology affected their school work and study. What dominguez discovered was that students could concentrate for an average of three minutes. For example, students in highschool and college, especially, focus on their phones rather than their school work. Not only does technology distract you from schoolwork, it distracts the relationships between people. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and noticed how many people are just sitting on their phone? Friendships, relationships between spouses, and families are greatly affected by the addicting factors of technology. People would rather sit on their phones rather than communicating with the people around them. People have become worse at communicating face to face. These communication issues lead to unfulfilled relationships. Mazzone Borzoni 3Many people like to post their lives on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc… People are constantly comparing their lives to others. We often post pictures or videos that bring positivity; showing how ‘great’ our lives are. No one posts the negative things in life. The comparison of our lives and relationships is unhealthy. Overall, the increase in technology has created a higher negative influence in our general society today. Technology increases distractions, unsatisfaction,unhealthy relationships, and addiction. It makes it hard for us to communicate with others. Humans should try to lesson the use of technology to reduce the negative aspects.


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