Humans, the mind sets, the methods for acting,

Humans, what make us themost intellectual species on planet Earth? Is it just because of ourmorphological characteristics and highly developed neural network or alsobecause of our culture? Yes, some truth is behind our body geometry but agreater role is also played by the norms, values and ideas passed on to us byour fore fathers. These complex integrated pattern of learning that is passedon just like genes from earlier civilization to today’s generation, is definedas culture. Human societies consists of social behaviours and norms which isknown as culture  People have differentideologies on the true definition of it but in every language it is somehowsimilar to its fundamental values. A great soviet era Psychologist named LevVygotsky quotes, ‘Language and Culture are the frameworks through which humanexperience, communicate and understand reality’. So a greater portray on itsimportance can be derived from his message.

And sociologist Georg Simmel (1858–1918), referredto culture as ‘the cultivation of individuals through the agency of externalforms which have been objectified in the course of history.’ Therefore, culture in the sociological field can becharacterized as the mind sets, the methods for acting, and the material objectsthat together shape a people’s lifestyle. Humans have been descending with the expansion of newthoughts and items from generation to generation. This dynamic procedure ofsociety expands culture with refreshment which creates some new and differentculture in every generation. For its continuity and survival, society strugglesas it adjusts according to environmental situation of its surrounding. Societiesand cultures are going through changes.

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As long as people keep on inventingsomething that did not exist before, discover new things and also keep on spreadingcultural qualities from one group to another, the changes will keep oncontinuing.  


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