Human human resource management when I went on

Human resourcemanagement is an area of industry and commerce that is of utmost importance.This is the area which is essentially responsible for maximizing theproductivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of itsemployees.It was by chancethat I became interested in the real value of human resource management when Iwent on to work with Secure Meters Ltd, an energy indexing company based inUdaipur and U.K. During the first month of my induction program I was not only workingwith operations and R&D team but I spent a significant time with HR people.I quickly realised the sheer scale of the task the human resources team had onits hands when it came to managing a workforce of more than 2500 people on justone site. During my brief stay there, I got a chance to interact with Global HRHead- Corporate Functions and Global Head- Talent Management.

It was as aresult of this experience I came to realize the roles played by human resourcein tackling human issues and consequently in organizational success.In light of this,I have decided to take up the master’s program in Human Resource Managementbecause I am interested in the role it plays in achieving organization’s goalsand objectives, key among them being hiring and training the best employees,and dealing with performance issues.I pursued a degree in Electronicsand Communication Engineering (“ECE”) from Manipal University. My Engineering degree has given a strongfoundation to my analytical skills since the subject knowledge of ECE involvesa lot of long, complex and intricate problems and the application of basic mathskills. I thoroughly cherished the computing and technical design aspect ofengineering which enhanced my research oriented and problem solving abilities.I kept my learning curve as diverse as possible and did my training in thefields of embedded systems, Networking and Industrial C.

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Since, I was always interestedin managing things and being part of work teams, I engaged myself in variousextra-curricular activities, including a couple of technical and culturalevents in my University. I got the opportunity to design and coordinate a tech festevent- ‘Digitrade’. It was a tech event with a small twist of finance.

Theseevents fortified me with good communications skills.I won a few accolades during myengineering including the Texas Instruments India Analog Maker Competition2015. It was a team event conducted by Texas Instruments India UniversityProgram.I believe in ‘Reciprocate’ – togive back, I volunteered with “Disha NGO”, wherein we worked as classroomassistant for students who were physically, mentally and neurologicallychallenged with multiple disabilities. Further, being part of “Volunteerfor Better India” we successfully campaigned to increase awareness aboutvoting rights among college students and organized a 3 day voter ID Camp.

In hindsight I think I have beenable to imbibe in me the sense of responsibility, confidence and skills tomanage and be part of a team. Ten years from now I see myself starting my owntechnology driven venture and therefore I believe that NMIMS with its uniquecase based study, with an astral faculty, a dynamic peer group, and illustriousalumni network will certainly be stepping stone and provide me with acompetitive advantage in my pursuit of a career in management.


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