The era. There are 27,000,000 slaves in the

The Honorable Chuck Fleishmann United States House of Representatives 511 Cannon House Office Building Washington, D. C. 20515-4203 Dear Honorable Chuck Fleishmann, I am writing regarding the upcoming Trafficking Protection Reauthorization Act (S. 1301/ HR 2830). I believe it is imperative that this be supported. The statistics worldwide of human trafficking are astronomical.

There are 800,000 people trafficked across borders annually.Women and children are the forerunners in abductions and sales, due to being used primarily for the sex trade. Around 80% of slaves are women and children.

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The other percentage are forced military recruits and hard laborers. As evidence supports, human trafficking is at a higher rate now than ever before. Some examples are that there were 645,000 slaves transported into the United States during the Civil War era. There are 27,000,000 slaves in the world right now.Allowing this to continue is an abomination on all humanity. By continuing to turn a blind eye we are saying to the world that it’s ok to steal and sell women and children for dubious reasons. We are saying that it’s all right to abduct a young boy from his family and force him to be in the military just because a regime has the power to do it. Since trafficking is a very lucrative business, poorer nations allow it to happen to support their armies and their pleasures.

What does allowing this to happen, as a world power say to our future generations? Does it say that as long as we make money or have fun; at the expense of other human beings, its ok to pretend it’s not wrong? Please take a stand and sponsor the Trafficking Victim’s Protection Reauthorization Act. I implore you to shield this budget from any cuts. Allowing budget cuts to happen will lessen the impact we, as a nation could do to help these silent Victims. Thank you, Sir, for helping to bring justice to these powerless people.


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