1. out with low income; Theses help qualify

1. The needs of public assistance helps single parents or families just starting out
with low income; Theses help qualify them for public housing and assistance.
They usually receive the basic things that any person with a full time job would
receive such as, medical cards, health insurance, dental insurance, and eye care.
2. I really dont pay taxes, so I really shouldnt have any opinions about this issue, but I
do. I dont really mind the public assisted people especially the ones who are single
parents and need the money because their isnt any income or child support being
brought in to feed children in the house. I dont agree with the people who do nothing
at all and just milk the system. Id like to go kick my feet up on their T.V. and say
why dont you make your self useful and get me a beer out of the fridge and while
your up get me a cigarette, cause odds are, the working people of America are paying
for it, anyways.

3.The pros and cons of family life involves the emotion, development and public
assistance part of the authors views.
Sometimes families, when poor steer to solidarity, willingness to share. This
solidarity gives them a strong sense of priority for their families. This also helps the
kids of these type of families to make better for their kids.
There are joint parental responsibilities that are shared between the mother and
father. Their responsibility is to, financially manage, companionship with children,
discipline of children, and other family responsibilities. IN public assistance
services, this type of way of family life doesnt work. This is caused because of
their amount of money, that they have coming in and it is hard for these type of
people to agree on financial decisions, let alone take care of their childrens together.
In these type of public assistance houses parents do not prepare their children for
lives hardships, due to the fact that they only usually care about themselves.

The house being ran by a woman has its pros and cons. A good thing is a womens
ambition and her efforts to make sure that her children have the best. Im not trying
to be stereotyping but most of them in public assistance housing, use their kids to
benefit from the government funding and their kids usually see none of it. This is a
great example in my opinion on how it should work but does nothing but causes the
kids to do the same as their parent.

The worst of all the family lives and I see this in everyday life around where I live
(not meaning my parents) is the parents both or single parents dont want any
responsibilities. Neither parent wants the family. In this household there is laxity
and each one nags to each other to gain responsibility. This is the worst household
out of all of them for a child to grow up in. These are the types of families that
present a problem for public assistance. The parents bring no strengths and are
usually likely to relegate to the agency as many of their parental responsibilities as
willing worker interested in the welfare of the children will take over.
4. Some of these people may not be able to read or write. They also might not be able to
understand the questions or not be able to completely fill out the application. To gain
correct and accurate information about the individual applying; they must over see it so
that they know that everything is running smoothly, with the tax payers money.

5. When they dont meet their basic needs for their child, they risk the chances of them
being taken away. They put you on public assistance and government cheese, and all
those good things. Then if your kids still arent, then you lose them, and I think that
would or should suck for them. Yes, I think they are neglected they are neglected in a
sense that some families wont take care of them anymore. They also have a hard time
getting medications that they need because most of them. They dont have good
medicare. In the job world they are to old and not worth anything. So they are in a
constant struggle with there meds and living day bye day. Its really sad that they dont
receive more help from
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