Human made an incredibly significant impact in our

Human intelligence is closely tied to the human brain. The evolution of the human brain has made it possible for humans to come so far. It has made an incredibly significant impact in our development and our creativity, and curiosity to seek for more knowledge to improve our lives and better the environment we live in.

For thousands of years,humans have always tried to create things to make our lives easier, which brings us to artificial intelligence. Scientist have been able to design machines that have the ability to think for years now. The very idea of creating a machine that has the ability to imitate our human intelligence is to remarkably advance and make every aspect of our lives so much easier. Artificial intelligence has allowed us the ability to explore everywhere across the world that we’ve never been to and hence overcoming the human limitations. These smart robots are programmed to do difficult and sometimes dangerous work, that would be awfully risky for us humans to do.

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The benefits for these machines are undoubtedly high, however just like everything else it does come with its disadvantages as well.


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