Hue combined with these most basic doughs people,

Hue cuisine review – Top must-eat dishes of VietnamTogether with many stunning landscapes, amazing natural wonders, beautiful beaches, ideal highlands and hospitable locals, Vietnam cuisine also impresses tourists from the first time coming to this beautiful country. Each land, each province or city appeals us by specialties. If you wish for Vietnam culinary tours, you should try Hue cuisine with a variety of luscious cakes, which is loved by both Hue foodies and anyone trying for them the first time.  The poetic and romantic beauty of the ancient capital, its dignified and friendly locals, and a lot of great food – especially “the heaven of cakes” will give visitors memorable moments with their friends or friends. Making these cakes seems to be easy, but indeed it must be meticulous and extremely clever to give the cake good taste. The ingredients for making Hue’s cakes are prepared and made carefully.

The powder to make the dough, ramen or ram must be the flour from white sticky rice. It is carefully selected, soaked enough water in order not to be sour and then drunk to make cakes with the fragrant, plastic, sweet taste of sticky rice. Also utilizing the endless seafood of Tam Giang – Cau Hai combined with these most basic doughs people, many delicious cakes are created and here are top 4 most favorite dishes that you should miss.

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Banh BeoEach land recalls a unique dish: Hanoi with street food, Hoian with Mi Quang for example. When talking about Hue cuisine, Vietnamese locals and even tourists think about Banh Beo. Although visitors can enjoy this dish in the North of Vietnam, Hue’s Banh Beo is quite different.

They are steamed rice cakes, topped with pork cracklings, herbs, or dried shrimp. It is served with special sausage – which creates different favors of Banh Beo in Hue. Hue people often fill the cake full of milk or in small plates. When you enjoy it, let’s use the spoon to toast with special sauce made of pure fish sauce, sugar, chilli, or garlic. The supple powder together with the aromatic, fat and fragrant will help you understand why it is the favorite snack in Hue. Banh KhoaiGoing to Hue without trying Banh Khoai will be such a big pity. Hue people call this cake is “pleasure” to describe the delight when enjoying it.

It is made from rice flour. It is mixed with chicken eggs and turmeric powder to get yellow. The bread is made from shrimp, raw spices and spring rolls. The soul making the unique taste of the cake is the broth, a special sauce of Hue with the traditional recipes. Banh LocIn Hue, Banh Loc is made by local people and packaged in a quite separate way, which creates a unique and attractive appearance of this dish. In the hundreds of specialty cakes of Hue, Banh Loc is known as a simple gift, easy to eat, less sensual.When trying a piece of cake, the toughness of the powder combined with the salty taste of the shrimp will attracts you immediately. This cake is better to be served with delicious fish sauce mixed with shrimp, a little lemon sugar, chili and satay.

 Banh NamThis is a type of cake made from rice flour spread on banana leaves. It is topped with the scent of aromatic grilled pork pineapple mixed with minced shrimp and little green onion. The cake is luscious, easy-to-eat and most delicious to be served with the sweet fish sauce. You can also try this cake with shrimp balls.

 Banh Bot Loc, Banh Khoai and Banh Nam are now regarded as the culinary elite of Hue’s cake. These above are top 4 most popular suggestions for your Vietnam culinary tours to Hue. Let’s try.



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