However, weekend activity in the New Territories, where

However,the question is that why are otherwise very rule abiding, meticulous and civicminded unable to handle a simple Bike sharing system? What are the main reasonsthat cripple the over existence of bike sharing in Hong Kong. A concept popularin London, Taiwan and beijing, not be as acceptable to the residents of HongKong   Challenges Can weblame the Government?Whilethe government promotes cycling as a healthy weekend activity in the NewTerritories, where 218 kilometers of cycle tracks have been built, it does notconsider it to be a form of transportation. What this means is that cyclingwould be seen as a leisurely activity and not a means to transport from point Ato B. Which basically implies that the government doesn’t need to have rulesand law that regulate the use of bicycles as a means to transport.

Having acertain set of rules basically helps people to understand what to do. With nosuch rules in places, people are not really breaking any laws, they simply don’tknow what to do.  Or isthe infrastructure at fault?Although,the new territories do have a legit cycling tacks, urban areas, don’t have anyprotected cycle tracks or bicycle lanes. Cross-harbour tunnels and all highwaysprohibit cyclists. Amongst all public transport only Star Ferry allows bicycleson the Tsim Sha Tsui-Wan Chai route.  HongKong is the hub of financial activities. You see bankers in their crisp shoes,women in their sharp dresses and high heels in central. Imagine if they were toactually start riding a bike to work, imagine the woes of looking for a placeto park or a shower room before their first 8 a.

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m meeting.  But,are Hong Kongers prepared for this?Even ifHong Kong was to evolve its infrastructure to support bike sharing as a meansto of transportation, I see a cultural misfit. Most Hong Kongers have noexperience of how to responsibly ride a bike. As a society, from MTRs, to workspaces, to educating drivers and passengers, introducing a Bike sharing economywould require the education and overhauling for all the above-mentioned sectionsof the society.  However,the question no more is whether to have allow bike sharing in Hong Kong. It hasalready entered the ecosystem.

The question now is to how to regulate thesystem.   Regulating the Bike Sharing Business Regulationsshould not just be changed when there is an immediate need, such as marketfailure or a disaster. I feel this is the need for the sharing economy to runeffectively.

Prior to government intervention, however, self-regulatorypolicies should be introduced in sharing economy companies.  Whatthe Government needs to do?The Hong government already has a “Bike-friendly”policy wherein they focus on popularizing the concept of using bike and aims toreduce the reliance on private cars. The current 


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