However that evolution is taking place is

However The “modern” theory of evolution – the synthetic theory of evolution (STE), based on the concoction of Darwin’s theory of natural selection with Mendel’s genetics, proves that mutations are the cause of variability – abrupt changes in the hereditary structure of the organism that occur randomly do not solve the problem either.So, after so many years of the discovery of evolution can we finally account it as the only explanation for the development in human life?Evolution is the build out of life. Recognition that evolution is taking place is the only logical explanation for the observed regularities of modern biological diversity, which is also confirmed by the paleontological chorology and embryological data. The Theory of evolution is the one explains the mechanism of the evolution.

At the moment, the theory of natural selection (or rather, the synthetic theory of evolution as the “successor” of Darwinian) is the only theory that conforms to the criteria of scientificity – verifiability and falsifiability: on the basis of this theory, hypotheses can be constructed that are empirically tested, and there is the likelihood of their experimental refutation.

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