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However Hollywood is the most powerful entertainment industry in the world. American movies have the strongest influence on cultural works in the history of humanity. and dominating the biggest share of films distributing especially in the middle east which make from it one of the important markets for the American movies, it can be easily noticed the horrible representation for Arab in the American movies. As a matter fact it looks like American cinema industry still stuck with the old image of Arabs which provided through the perspective of Arabs versus Europeans due to the Islamic Invade Europe hundred years ago. As a result of that most of Americans haven’t been to middle east before and if they did mostly they were there for military reasons which have been reinforced by Hollywood movies by showing the Middle East as a battlefield nothing more.Just a great desert landscaped view for a place that full of oil, palm trees, and oasis meanly stuck with the old image of Arabs never shows the civilized side of the Arab countries. Arabs are uncivilized who still riding camels and only use technology for war, eager for blood and unknown revenge that’s the most famous representation for Arabs in Hollywood.also has been noted that Arab characters always appear as uneducated,uncivilized people who are eager to terror while the American character must shown as the savior even if it was a bad character in the beginning like in “Swordfish” starring by  John Travolta and Halley Berry as Travolta was a bad guy and gain a lot of money through dirty ways but when he used that money to fight Arabs he transferred to be the good guy and the hero of the story.Also representing the Arabs as the children killers women abusive Chiek who enslaving her dealing with women as a product that can be sold for money or oil, moreover Inclusion the Arabic Israeli Conflict in some situations to represent Arabs as terrier while Israel as people who stand for the others right.Also by making a strange contradiction about Arabic women by showing her as Disgusted in many times also by representing her as a dangerous terrorist even more than males through their positioning as sexual deviants with an emotional attachment to their cause in addition to their orientalist nature.Hollywood always insite to stick to that old picture about arabs ignoring the changes that happened through years still represtints them as the old traders like thousnds yeras ago in addtiotion to be un realistic also the outfits that not even close to reality and taking the knowledge about arab from the old cultur to spascfic areas like sudia arabia and lebnon while it’s 22 countrey in the arabic world in the middle east between asia and north africa,also ignoring the fact that arabic has diffrent types of prounanctions that’s changes from country to onther inisting to use the gulf pronuncancition.with providing only two dimensions for the Arabic character for being that savage who is sex and money addicted, stupid who is eager to violence with no values just want to see the world burns for no particularly good reasons also trying to show the American Alleged great values.Moreover showing the Arabs like the great danger and the great enemy who always threat the civilians peace and wants to ends people lives in bloody ways making from them their new favorite easy enemy.Arabs are villains who live in the desert with oasis and palm trees who are sexually addicted and going crazy for any blond girl, still enslaving women and sell her for Chiek who forces her to be his object it’s more like an object of desire.theirs always refers to Arabs as them there is always we and them, we that refers to Americans the really good people who want safe and good for the world and them refer to Arabs the bad guys the pure evil who want to finish the civilized world.making connections between Arabs and El Qaueda which meanly taking place in Afghanistan and that’s by choosing Arabic names for the terrorists and also working on the lack on knowledge about Arabs by mixing between them and Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran sometimes while they are not Arabin there usual way to mix supporting the wrong idea about every Muslim is Arab also that every terrorist is Muslim Arabic.Stereotyping that being Arabs means that you are Muslim and make connections between them while only 12% of the Muslims around the world are Arabs ignoring the fact of diversity in religion in the middle east between Islam, Christian, Jewish and Atheists.Mainly it’s one of the most famous stereotyping about Arabs in Hollywood movies is the language, It’s always broken with bad grammar also with strange pronunciation. moreover, the words impact as a result of repeating the usage of Arabic words to represent terror it became a great sign of danger the same word can be used to refer for terrier in Arabic while it sounds good wheel in English for. example “Allah” in Arabic is synonymous with “God” in English but due to the stereotyping it became a sign of coming terror action.


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