Howard categories. First are those involving the teacher’s

Howard and Nicholas (1991). State that competency is the ability to cope with a certain class of problems encountered the job. Fully competent teacher is the one who can cope successfully with any professional problem.

According to Collins (2017). Education is the systematic instruction and training given especially to the young in preparation of life.In the study by Kalra (1997). Competencies can be divided into two broad categories. First are those involving the teacher’s mental abilities and skills, understanding of psychological and educational principles and his knowledge of the general and specific subject matter to be taught? Second type of competencies is the one stemming from the personality of the teacher, interests, attitudes, beliefs, behavior and working relationship with pupils and other individuals. Studies have been conducted by selecting any one or combination of the competencies.Medley (2008).

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Concludes in his research that teacher competencies affect students learning. Quina (2011). Stated that effective teaching stresses conclusions, analysis of cause and effect relationship between the teachers and students’ behavior. Singh (2009). Has defined the term competence as under: The term “competence” is frequently used when we talk about any profession or work that expresses one’s quality of being competent, possessing, adequate professional skill, knowledge, qualification or capacity.


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