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How would one compare two formally incompatible literature works such as Antigone and The Inferno? Antigone, written by Sophocles, is a greek classic tragedy concerned with the conflict between state and religious authority. On the other hand The Inferno, written by Dante Alighieri, is a Italian medieval epic concerned with the conflict between earthly chaos and divine order. Clearly one could see the formal differences in the various pieces through their historical roots.

However, despite the formal nuances of the literature works, Antigone and The Inferno, there are few common values that play an important role in the making of the work. In certain pieces of the work we see specific ideas weaved throughout the text. A couple of these precedents would be divine justice, social order, and determination of the characters. Antigone and The Inferno may have their historical amenities keeping them apart, but during both periods that these works were written in there was a large amount of religious activity which influenced the texts written by the authors. A recurrent factor in both of the famous works would be divine justice, the judgment of god driven from the deeds of a specific person, since much of the ages the literature works were written in are strongly aligned with the reasoning that god possesses every form of justice. In The Inferno, divine justice is common throughout the whole text since hell itself is a symbol of god’s judgment for those who are inferior to him, and each level in hell is specific to the amount of punishment deserved by the souls actions in their past life. The opposing judgment would be heaven since it symbolizes god deeming of the worthy souls whose purpose in life was righteous. Nevertheless, in Antigone we see relatively the same actions being portrayed through the characters judgment from god, but it is depicted unfairly.

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For example, Antigone is punished for her father’s mistakes, yet since she still abided by the laws of heaven so in return she was given what she wanted, to be taken away by Hades to the underworld. “___”(___)


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