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How do you feel about children being deniedhomes just because they don’t physically look the same as their potentialparents? How can this remotely be claimed as just? Interracial adoptionencourages the blending of cultures, teaches lessons about racial identities,and allows for new family bonds to form where skin color is no matter ofimportance.

  Transracial adoption shouldbe encouraged among families seeking new opportunities to grow due to thebenefits to the child, the parents, and relatively anybody who will be exposedto the mashing of cultural identities and increased diversity. Transracial adoption presents particularlyunique circumstances in the classroom where it has been proven to positivelyimpact student interactions and increase social intelligence. One researcherconcluded that in order to maximize results of interracial mixing in theclassroom “first, increase the variety and frequency of interaction amongstudents who are culturally, linguistically, and racially different from oneanother.” (teaching against idiocy) Transracial adoption can easily aidthis proposition because by increasing diversity in the classroom, interactionsbetween various races occur more frequently and become normalized at a youngage which is significant towards the development of socialization. 1  This nation’s past has been filled withextreme accounts of racial prejudice and profiling.  The black civil rights movement gainedmomentum in the United States 1950s, with protests arising nationwide, MartinLuther King Jr. being one of the most prominent leaders of the protest.

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  Peaceful protests often led to arrests ofmany non-violent protestors, MLK being imprisoned 30 times throughout his life!(Klein, Christopher) 2 As Mr. Luther King Jr. said during his time spent in aBirmingham jail following an arrest for protesting racism, “let us allhope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deepfog of misunderstanding will be lifted from out fear-drenched communities, andin some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood willshine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.” (letterfrom Birmingham jail) 3  A lot has changed in our country since the daysof the civil rights movement, but racial inequalities can still be pointed outand it is important to make progressive steps towards solving thisproblem.  One method of doing so would beencouraging the adoption amongst races. The creation of a more diverse culture will lead to solving racialinequalities because the more often people are exposed to others from differentbackgrounds, the more racially tolerant they will become.

 The main argument against interracialadoption is all about preserving original cultures.  Some people fear that by increasing diversityand promoting the adoption between races that original cultures will not beprotected and in the future, we will all be surrounded by a vast mix of cultureswith few original cultures still remaining intact.  Additionally, in the case specifically ofAfrican-American children, the NABSW wants to “enable African-American childrento learn how to cope with racism through living with families who experienceracism daily and have learned to function well in spite of that racism.

” (Neal,Leora) Members of this group, who were raised in black households where theirfamilies grew up facing oppression, and hearing stories about older relativeswho were violently yanked from their houses and abused, which in some cases ledto gruesome deaths such as lynching’s. 4 People who oppose interracialadoption believe that by protecting the strong bonds that tie their culturetogether, they will be beneficial for the children in their future knowing howto properly cope with being faced with racism even if it is to a much moreminor extent than what their ancestors faced.


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