how the front wall has a built

how to make natural light work for the benefit of thishouse.

Therefore, having used wood as the main interior material for the housemeant that the natural light made the house look very homely. The house is a big rectangle building with a flat roof,organized into four alternating spaces that are parallel with the upper level.The biggest room of the house is the two-story living room which takes up mostof the house from the right of the door. The whole of the front wall has abuilt in two story bookshelf which was useful for Margaret since she was abookseller. Louis Khan, I believe was clever in the choices he made withwhat materials to use for his building. Having such a huge amount of naturallight coming inside means that the materials you use are highly important inmaking sure how you manage and use the light to your advantage which I stronglybelieve Khan did.

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The kitchen (located on the ground floor in the far left ofthe house), was designed by Wharton Esherick who was a craftsman as well asMargaret’s uncle. He used copper and wood to create the kitchen. Thefloorboards were wooden, and the kitchen counters and cupboards were made ofthe same dark copper and wood materials as the floorboards. Although thekitchen only has one window, the natural light that is allowed in reflectsaround the room and over the materials, giving it a homely, cosy effectoverall. Most kitchens (whether modern or not), usually do not have the samematerials as the rest of the house. Most modern houses tend to be very spaciousand thoroughly thought through by the architect or designer. They also usuallyhave wide windows or large sources of natural light to make the area seembigger, but also more pleasant.

What I find interesting and unique about thiskitchen is that the materials used have been though by and used throughout thewhole house. Khan intended for the house materials to complement each otherfrom the kitchen to the bedrooms, from the bathrooms to the living rooms. Havinga bookshelf that also complimented this use to material also added to thehomely wooden house effect. Esherick house was a house with a beautifully carved woodkitchen (designed by Wharton Esherick), and the rest of the house made up ofwooden/timber materials. Featuring huge windows that allowed lots of naturallight. This provides a very energy efficient kind of technology that would havereduced the amount of electricity consumption used in the house. The largewindows also enabled the residents to feel close or ‘at one’ with nature andthe outside world. Therefore, the house’s location was purely intentional andaided to Khans inspiration of the kind of house that he wanted to build and thekind of scenery he was creating around his house.

The big trees and the naturalbackground provided a reasonable use for the use of many windows. Having a well-lit house means that the materials used insidethe house need to be thought through and considered to not only make full useof the amount of natural light used, know what materials look best with largeamount of natural light, and what materials over time will last longerconsidering the amount of light that will be shining directly onto them forlong periods of time. Coming up with wood and timber based materials was aclever call for Khan because the natural light reflects and responds very wellto the timber surroundings in the house. It also adds a homely and welcomingatmosphere within the house. The double heighted living space featuring abuilt-in bookshelf makes the room seam grand as well as elegant, in addition tothe wide windows.

The use of a bathbed does not really make much sense or have much logic with most ordinaryhouseholds however, it is an idea that Khan thought of to make the house adaptable,since there is only one bedroom and I fell that he wanted to make use of spacewithin the house. I feel that Khan wanted to design a modern but resourcefulhideaway for Margret giving her a house that acted as her private bunker whenshe wasn’t at work. Therefore, adding personal touches like the building in twostory bookshelves may not appeal to a normal household, however this was veryrelevant, and this applied directly to her. Creatinga house that meant something to his client (Margaret Esherick), meant that heneeded to come up with interesting ideas not only to please to his client, butalso make his ideas modern and unique in relation to the architectural world. Ibelieve that Khan wanted to create a mini world for Margret which is why theuse of many windows was necessary for her not to forget reality. To make herfeel at one with nature as well as already partaking in an isolating activity(reading), is quite interesting.

I loved that he combined two opposite factorsbeing reading (which is an isolating activity which can separate one fromreality; and nature, which makes you aware of reality that can 


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