We offer any assistance we can. We know

We have missed you.

We didn’t see you at our Summer Sale and we didn’t see you at our Fall Sale, either. So, after putting our heads together here at ____________ (Store Name), we concluded that one possible reason for your having stayed away so long might be that you don’t like crowds. We came up with the following solution A Pre-Festive Sale Open Only To Preferred Customers ____________ (Date)____________ (Time) If there is any other reason that has kept you away, won’t you please let us know by calling me at ____________ (phone number).

Thank you,(Your Name) 2. Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer – Email Dear (Name), Our credit department has notified me that your account is past due. You are one of our preferred customers and therefore we want to offer any assistance we can. We know that most overdue balances result from clerical errors. However, should you require additional time to settle your balance, please feel free to give us a call? I will see to it that you are granted an additional ____________ (Days) in which to pay your account balance.

We value your business, and sincerely hope that this gesture will be of some help. Thank you for your kind consideration, and we look forward to seeing you soon. Yours Truly,(Your Name) 3.

Product Literature in Response to Phone Inquiry – Email Dear (Name), It was a pleasure speaking with you today and as I promised, I am enclosing literature on the products. I will be happy to get together with you, upon your request, to explain the functions of each system in order to assist you in your decision making process. Thank you for the courtesies you extended during our telephone conversation. I hope that we can assist you with your requirements.

Yours Truly,(Your Name) 4. Sample Email Dear(Name), Enclosed please find your new cards, which have an expiration date of ____________ (Date). I have been advised that should your account be renewed in____________ (Month), the credit limit on the account will be reevaluated based upon your account balance.

With this knowledge in hand, I would hope that the account balance be reduced below the credit limit within this time. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. (Your Name) 5. Email in Response to Catalog Request Dear (Name), Thank you for your inquiry about our equipment. I am enclosing our catalog for your review. We developed this equipment to provide educators with a comprehensive and effective means of transmitting information and to help modernize educational methods. That children are highly receptive and stimulated to learn through the usage of audio-visual material, is widely accepted by educators throughout the field. After you have reviewed our material, we would appreciate hearing your comments, and we will look forward to answering any questions you have about our product.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our product. Your faithfully,(Marketing Head Name)(Company Name) 6. Email Regarding Better Discounts Dear (Name), We have given your letter of ____________ (Date), very careful consideration. As we have conducted business with each other so pleasantly for so many years, we would definitely like to comply with your request for better discounts and credit facilities. We are sending our Sales Manager to discuss the same with you next week.

However, our own overhead expenses have increased manifold and in view of the volatile prices of raw material we cannot extend you a further cut of ____________% without lowering our quality standards and that is not acceptable to us at all. We are sure our Sales Manager will chalk out the best possible terns for you and reach on a satisfactory platform. We hope to have increased business and better association with you. Yours sincerely,(Your Name) 7. Reminder Email for Payment Dear (Name), We want to remind you that you’re Account No.

____________ is overdue for payment. We had given you a credit facility for ____________ (Days), but we have found that on several occasions payments have fallen overdue and our requests for payment have met with no response. In return of our prompt executions of yours orders we expect timely payment. Please settle your account immediately by remitting a cheque of ____________ ($ Amount).50 by return post. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)(Company Name) 8.

Third Email of Collection- An Appeal Dear Sir, We regret to remind you again of our unpaid bill of ____________ (Amount), now nearly two months overdue. To our surprise you have overlooked our repeated requests and did not make any payment. We grant credit to our valuable customers and expect prompt and timely payment. You should have paid the amount by now. Any further delay may affect your own interest and business reputation. If you want us to render similar facility in future please make it urgent to pay the amount to maintain your credit­worthiness.

We look forward to receive your remittance. Yours faithfully,(Your Name) 9. Second Email of Collection – a Reminder Dear Sir, Reference to our letter ____________ (Date), and invoice No. ____________, ____________ (Date).

We may inform you that, we have not received payment amounting to ____________ (Amount). Which falls due on ____________ (Date)? We have a large number of credit customers like you have in your own business. You know that non-payment in the due date creates problem in the business. The payment in question is very small for a firm like yours. Please instruct your accountant to look into the matter and arrange to send the amount due. We look forward for your reply and an immediate action in this regard. Yours faithfully,(Your Name) 10, Customer Revival, Product Sales – Email Dear (Name), It has been so long since we have had the opportunity to be of service to you, that I have begun to wonder if perhaps, we have offended you in some way in the past.

If this is the case, I would greatly appreciate blowing what happened. In fact, if you have any grievance with our firm, I wish that you would call so that we might discuss the problem. We have introduced many innovations into our product line since the last order you placed with our firm, and if the reason we haven’t heard from you has nothing to do with a complaint, we would appreciate having the opportunity to show you these innovations. In either case, it would be wonderful to hear from you. Thanks,(Your Name)


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