Through formidable sales and marketing network all

Through this amalgamation, we have a strengthened sales network through which we hope to give efficient service and greater product range to our customer/patrons. We solicit your support to help us serve you better and generate more goodwill and business in times to come. We stand committed to you, Yours faithfully,Management

Declare the Acquisition


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We hereby declare having taken over ____________ (Enterprise Name) Enterprises. 2. ____________ (Company Name) Co. has been acquired by us with immediate effect. 3. We are pleased to inform you that____________ has been acquired by us. 4. We take pleasure to intimate inform by that we have acquired ____________ (Company Name) Co.

w.e.f. ____________ (Date). We have begun transactions from the date stated above. 5. All business of ____________ (Company Name) has been taken over by us. 6.

____________ (Enterprise Name) Enterprises has sold all its interests and sole rights to us.

Give Information about Self

7. We hold an experience of five decades in this business. 8. Now we have a formidable sales and marketing network all over India.

9. We have a reputation to excel which we shall try to maintain. 10.

Now we are a major force to reckon with in this line.

Mention if you have introduced any new policy

11. We shall retain the entire staff on existing terms and conditions. 12.

____________ (Name) would be our General Manager. 13. The premises have been renovated with a new decor to welcome you. 14. Kindly contact us for new terms and conditions. 15. We are hosting a business lunch on ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Time).

Kindly make it convenient to attend. 16. We are offering good bargains and discounts at present.

Invite Support

17. We hope to have a lasting association with you. 18.

We want to forge relationship with our associates for mutual progress. 19. You are invited to visit us. 20.

We solicit your support and assure you of our best services ever.


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