2. expertise in this particular branch of


I am pleased to write that I have this day admitted ____________ (Name) to my partnership. 3. We feel great pleasure in informing you that we have taken ____________ (Name) into our partnership. 4.

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It is a matter of great pleasure that today we have admitted ____________ (Name) to our partnership. ____________ (Name) has been associated with our firm for the last several years.

B. Justify the introduction

1. This new admission was necessitated by the death of my old partner and associate ____________ (Name). 2. The recent expansion in our business in India and abroad has made a new admission inevitable.

3. The new admission became unavoidable due to the retirement of ____________ (Name) from our business.

C. Briefly elaborate upon his qualities

1 ____________ (Name) is an experienced person and possesses deep and extensive knowledge of business management. 2.

____________ (Name) has been with us in various executive and managerial capacities for the last 12 years. 3. ____________ (Name)’s expertise in this particular branch of business will be of great value to push up the production and sale of our products.

D. Garner support, expressing gratitude


We thank you for your confidence in us in the past and hope for its continuance in future. 2. We want to assure of better standard of service to our customers and patrons.

3. We are grateful for your co-operation in the past and hope you will continue the same in future. 4. We are proud of your past co-operation and patronage and hope for its continuance forever.

5. We may assure you of the same promptness and care in executing your orders.


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