This other reputed large suppliers and has charge

This company has had business dealings with many other reputed large suppliers and has charge accounts with them. And there has not been any adverse comment or report in regard to recovering dues from them. Yours sincerely,(Your Name)(Company Name)

2. Stock Taking for the Year Ending

From(Company Name)(Address)(Date) To(Company Name)(Address)(Date) Subject: Stock taking for the year ending ____________ (Date) The stock taking for the purpose of closing the accounts for the year ending ____________ (Date) would commence on ____________ (Date).

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All the departments are advised to draw their requirements latest by ____________ (Date). Also there would be no supplies to customers from the stores on ____________ (Date). Yours Faithfully,(Your Name)

3. Memorandum for Special Leave

To(Company Name)(Address)(Date) Office Memorandum With reference to his request for grant of special casual leave, ____________ (Name) is informed that special casual leave has been granted to him for four days from ____________ (Date) for enabling him to attend his ____________ (Reason for Leave). (Your Name)Manager

4. Memorandum for an Estimate of the Demand of Product

FromManaging Director(Company Name)Interoffice Memorandum To The Marketing Manager,(Company Name)(Address)(Date) Sub: Supply of tea in southern part of the country. Recently, I visited the tea estates of ____________ (Place) and ____________ (Place) and discussed with the Production Managers the possibility of increasing the production so that we could supply ____________ (Item) to the Southern part of the country.

They see no difficulty in doing so, but before they take any definite steps in this direction, they would like to have an estimate of the demand of our prod­uct in this region. Would you please contact our agents quickly and let me have the estimates by the end of October. (Your Name)


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