If For Five Years ____________ (Company Name)

If your customer perspires and leaves your restaurant….it’s time your restaurant had an ____________ (Company Name) air-conditioner. Not only that even your car can have a mini ____________ (Company Name) air-conditioner. Most Modern-Elegant-Economical Fully Guaranteed For Five Years ____________ (Company Name) Air-Conditioner Ask your nearest radio and refrigerator dealer or writeto us for any further information. ____________ (Company Name) Air-Conditioners (Address)

2. Sample Circular Letter on Retiring from Business

(Date) Dear Sirs, As I am now getting on in years, I have decided to retire from business from ____________ (Date). I have disposed of all my raw materials of M/s ____________ (Company Name).

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The total stock of manufactured goods has been purchased by M/s ____________ (Company Name). I am now left only with two machines of ____________ (Brand Name) in perfect running conditions. Since you are a dealer in old machines of the same type, I would suggest that you may pay me a visit as early as you can and make me an offer for the same. Yours faithfully,

3. Sample Circular Letter on Purchase of Business

Dear Sirs, I am pleased to inform you that I have this day taken over the business of ____________ (Company Name), ____________ (Address).

As you may be knowing I was working as Production Manager with M/s. ____________ (Company Name) until ____________ (Date), when ____________ (Name), its sole proprietor suddenly died of heart attack. Being in the production side for the last 20 years I know each and everything of the product and I assure you that you will always have the products at AI standard as you had been getting uptil now. I shall carry on the business under the name and style of: ____________ (Company Name), (Address) I hope you will continue your support and patronage as in the past. Yours faithfully,

4. Sample Circular Letter on Annual Stock Clearance

(Date) Dear Sirs, We are pleased to inform you that our Annual Stock Clearance Sale will start from ____________ (Date) and will last one week.

A special feature of this year’s Stock Clearance Sale Is that this time we have-also added variety of leather goods and readymade garments apart from our usual stock of hosiery goods, cosmetics, raincoats, umbrellas, stationery articles, crockery and confectionary. There will be a separate bargain counter. Most of the stocks offered are fresh and some of the goods are even imported. We would suggest you to pay us a visit and make your election. A complete list of goods offered for sale together with discount prices is enclosed for prior information. Yours faithfully,

5. Sample Circular Letter of Warning against Strike

From(Company Name)(Address)(Date)Circular No.____________ ToAll the employees of packaging department It has been reported that a section of employees working in packaging department of the company are proposing to go on a day’s token strike on ____________ (Date).

It is hereby made known to all concerned employees that the proposed token strike is illegal and unlawful and employees whosoever partici­pate in such a strike shall be subjected to disciplinary action as per the company’s service rules and other applicable laws. (Name)(Designation)

6. Sample Circular Letter Inviting to Participate in Book Fair

(Date) Dear Publisher, We are pleased to inform you that we are organising third Book Fair from ____________ (Date) to ____________ (Date), at ____________ (Address). The theme of the Fair is ‘BOOKS ASIA’.

Books printed in any language and published in any part of Asia will only be exhibited. Participation fee is ____________ (Amount) per booth ____________ (Size) and you can take as many booths as you like subject, of course, to the availability of space. The response for the previous two Fairs was excellent. So much so that we had to refuse a number of participants in the second Fair owing to late entries received from them. A special catalogue of ____________ (Number of books) books of ____________ will be issued at the time of the Fair and all these books will be made available for sale and display during eight days of the Fair. ____________ (Number of books) copies of the catalogue will be published. These will be posted to all leading booksellers, leading libraries and participants.

The Fair will be set open by Prime Minister or a Cabinet Minister of ____________ (Country Name). Special invitations will be sent to educational institutions and other organisations for visiting the Fair. The Fair will remain open between ____________ (Time) and ____________ (Time) on all days except Sunday when it will be open from ____________ (Time) to ____________ (Time).

As one of the leading publishers of Asia, it is a unique opportunity for you to exhibit your books and promote exports to other countries. Application Form is enclosed. This should be returned to us duly filled in and completed in all respects together with your bank draft towards participation fee, before ____________ (Date). Brief details about the books to be exhibited in the Fair should also be sent with the Application Form to enable us to compile our catalogue. For any further information regarding Fair, please write to— ____________ (Name),Publicity Officer,Third Book Fair,Asia Books,____________ (Address) Yours faithfully,

7. Sample Circular Letter Instructing Employees to Report on Time for Duty

(Date) In response to the “Punctuality Week” organised by ____________ (Company Name) Limited, it is intimated to all the concerned departments to inform their employees to be on time. The entry time at the Factory gate should be sharp ____________ (Time).

And all the employees should be at their respective places by ____________ (Time), a grace of 5 minutes will be allowed. Any delay after ____________ (Time) should call for an explanation. It is sincerely hoped that all the employees will co-oper­ate in this matter, whole-heartedly, thereby making this “Punctuality Week” a grand success and set a prece­dent of being punctual. 8. Sample Circular Informing Customers about Closing Old Showroom and Opening New Showroom (Date) Dear Sir, Owing to transport and other difficulties we have decided to close our existing showroom from ____________ (Date).

We have taken up a new showroom on ground floor of ____________ (Address) Building, ____________ (Address) and the same will start functioning from ____________ (Date). Our present staff will be transferred to our new showroom. We are also appointing some more staff as a number of new products on hosiery and leather goods are being introduced. Situated in the Capital’s most modern complex with all amenities available, we shall be able to serve you much better from our new showroom. We invite you on the opening ceremony at ____________ (Time) on ____________ (Date).

Yours faithfully,

9. Sample Circular Letter Announcing Admission of a New Partner

(Date) Dear Sirs, I have pleasure in informing you that owing to a large increase in my business, I have this day taken ____________ (Name) in my partnership and hereafter all business will be done in the name and style of: (Company Name) ____________ (Name) was Sales Manager with M/s ____________ (Company Name), ____________ (Place Name) for ten years and has excellent selling experience of our product. ____________ (Name) also brings an investment of ____________ (Amount) which will enable us to expand our business by two times.

I am grateful to you for the co-operation you have extended me so far and I hope you will continue the same in future also. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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