I looking forward to this meeting since long

I am really sorry that I could not keep my appointment with you yesterday evening at the ____________ (Place Name) due to some urgent official assignment that could not be avoided. Please accept my apology for the same. I had been looking forward to this meeting since long and to revive the thrill of good old days together.

I still want to do the same before you leave for California again. Could I have your company at my residence on Friday evening i.e. the day after tomorrow. My parents are also desirous of meeting you! Let’s enjoy some time together over tea and dinner. Please do make it convenient to come.

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With sincere wishes and heaps of compliments, Yours true friend,(Your Name)

Some Sample Opening Lines

1. I am extremely sorry for not keeping an appointment with you last evening. 2. How can I forgive myself for being so forgetful? But will you please. I really am so sorry. 3. I am really sorry for not meeting you yesterday afternoon in the club in spite of your reminder over the phone.

4. I cannot tell you how ashamed I am for forgetting my appointment with you. Sincerely speaking, I don’t know how it happened. 5. My apology for not meeting you yesterday noon as our G. M. dropped in unexpectedly and kept us all busy till late evening.

6. I hope you will accept my heartfelt apologies for not meeting you at India Gate due to circumstances beyond my control. 7. My wife and I certainly owe you an apology for not reaching your residence at all yesterday. 8.

So sorry for spoiling your schedule.

You may reveal the reason if you like

9. Some urgent work came in at the last minute. 10. The unexpected arrival of some guests made it impossible for me to keep our schedule. 11.

You know I am much disturbed these days and I totally forgot about it. 12. I deeply and sincerely regret forgetfulness as I had been looking forward to meeting you all these days. 13. I got stuck up in a nagging traffic jam.

Reschedule your Meeting/Date

14. Let us meet tomorrow at the same place and time. I promise to be there in due time. 15. I shall very much appreciate it, if you could fix up another meeting between us , of course at your convenience, 16. Can we re-schedule our rendezvous for Sunday evening? 17. I deserve your forgiveness this time.

Let us meet sometime towards the end of this month.


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