3. or closed our windows. Offer to

3. We owe you an apology for disturbing your peaceful sleep last night. 4. I very much regret that. . .

Do State if there is any Genuine Reason for the same

5. You know well that our locality lacks enough open space for children to play so these incidents occur time and again/ by one child or the other. Moreover your car is invariably parked outside our house. 6. Buzo is quite well behaved but I don’t know what got into his mind yesterday. 7. Had I known you are backing home from your vacations, we would have lowered the volume or closed our windows.

Offer to rectify the loss and Assure that such an Event would not happen again


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I would be glad to get a new windscreen at my cost and I may assure you that it will not be repeated. 9. I will send my gardener so that he can make amends for the trampled flower-beds. 10. We will take care that it doesn’t happen again. 11. Please accept my apologies and my assurance that any breach on your peace will not recur from our behalf.

Close down by re-stating your apology

12. I apologize once again. 13.

With repeated and sincere regrets. 14. Asking for your forgiveness again. 15.

I am again sorry for the trouble caused to you. 16. Once again my sincere apologies.

Sample(Address)(Date) My Dear (Name), I am sorry to know that you were annoyed by our dance party and loud music yesterday night. We certainly do not wish to cause you any disturbance or annoyance, more so in view of your children’s ongoing examination. However, I do apologise for the lapse. My son, who has come down from the ____________ (Place) enjoys loud music and calling over friends. But I have told him to keep the volume low so as not to disturb your peace in the future. Please do not hesitate to tell us if you find us causing annoyance in anyway.

I can assure you of full neighbourly co-operation and goodwill. Cordially Yours, (Your Name)


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