We Invoice. The balance of the Invoice

We came across your products at the ____________ (Company Name & Address) which we really appreciated. We also have Import License as actual users. You are therefore requested to kindly send an illustrative catalogue of your latest machines of different varieties. Along with it kindly send your most reasonable quotation to enable us to purchase from your esteemed organisation. You early reply is awaited Yours Sincerely,(Company Name)Director Purchase

Reply to the Previous Letter

ToThe Director Purchase,(Company Name)(Address) Sir, At the outset, we would like to thank you for your interest shown towards our products. We have the pleasure in enclosing an illustrated catalogue of our products, as desired by you. The machines of your requirement are illustrated on pages 16 and 17.

These are the latest ad­ditions to our products, which have been developed by our Research and Development department after years of experimentation. These machines are completely au­tomatic and cost effective. For each machine we pro­vide you ten different design-patterns, which can be fixed according to your requirements. All the machines carry a ____________ (Year) guarantee that no other manufacturer can promise.

As desired by you, we are also enclosing a Proforma Invoice mentioning the different discounts applicable. These rates are valid for a period of ____________ (Days) only. Initial order should accompany a payment of 25% of the Pro­forma Invoice.

The balance of the Invoice Value should be paid to the banker of your firm through whom you will be receiving the Duplicate Bill and other relevant docu­ments. Looking forward to your esteemed order. Your order will be dispatched within ____________ (Days) from the receipt of your order.

Assuring you of our best services Yours Sincerely,For (Company Name)Marketing Director


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