1) 2) It is a prime market for

1) We have ____________ sq. ft. of space located on the main road, (Address) 2) It is a prime market for dealing in such a product.

3) We can offer cash security of ____________ (Amount) provided we are chosen the sole and exclusive distributors. 4) We shall expect a minimum of ____________% commission and an additional ____________% when our sales exceed ____________ (Amount). 5) We shall be entitled to all special offers you might make from time to time and our percentage of commission will not be affected under any circumstance whatsoever. 6) All publicity material including Price-lists in our name will be supplied to us at your cost.

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7) We shall not be liable for any loss or damage in transit. . 8) We can guarantee an annual sale of ____________ (Amount). 9) We have past experience and wonderful trade. Above information, we hope will suffice to allocate us sole distributorship for the three northern states mentioned. If required, we would only be too glad to provide any further information and/or discuss.

Sample Lines

State the source of information 1. We refer to your advertisement in ____________ (Newspaper Name) of ____________ (Date), regarding appointment of a Stockiest for your ____________ (Product Name) in ____________ (Place Name). 2. Being given to understand that you require a sole distributor for your electronic brands in ____________ (Place Name), we have pleasure in applying for the same. 3. With reference to your recent advertisements in the newspapers for Agents in ____________ (Place Name) for securing orders for your publications, we offer our services. Give your experiences 1.

We have wide business contacts and ____________years experience as leading distributors in similar products. 2. We may furnish you a large financial security and first class trade references if desired. 3.

We are representing many other firms in the area and have large show room in ____________ (Place Name) and ____________ (Place Name). 4. It may be mentioned here that ours is the best organized business in the area and we are giving marvellous results to so many other concerns of repute. Close 5. Let us have your proposals. We look forward to your reply.

6. Given the opportunity to represent we can boost your sales to a great extent. 7. Hope you will find our terms and conditions attractive enough to appoint us as sole agents and distributors. 8. We anticipate no problem 3 in settling the terms and conditions for the agency.


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