I am sorry to inform you that your

I am sorry to inform you that your lack of punctuality in coming to the factory coupled with unsatisfactory quality of your work has been a matter of great displeasure to the company. The inspection of your punch-card for the last month shows that you reached late for work on more than ten days. This late arrival ranged from ten minutes to half an hour. This reflects your carelessness and lack of interest in your work which is highly undesirable.

However, since your services have been long, and as the administrative officer under whom you are directly working speaks well of you, a lenient view has been taken this time. You are hereby warned to be punctual and take keen interest in the work assigned to you. You are required to explain you’re above slackness and irresponsibility in attending to your duty punctually within ____________ (Days) of the receipt of this warning. Show immediate desirable improvement in your work and conduct, or I shall be obliged to take more strict action against you which may be to the extent of termination of your services.

Yours sincerely,(Your Name)General Manager


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