3) been forced to take this step in

3) This is to formally notify you that your house rent is hereby increased w.e.

f. _________ (Date). 4) I am sorry to point out that there has been no increase in your rent for the past 4 years whilst there has been a steep rise in the building costs in our locality. 5) I am left with no other option/alternative, under the circumstances but to hike the rent of the house you occupy.

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State the Reason for the Increase if You Want To

6) The increase in house tax/rental income has compelled me to take this step.

7) In view of the additions to the flat, it is but inevitable that the rent be increased. 8) It is the only hike in the past three years hence, I believe, it is justified. 9) I have been forced to take this step in view of the escalating property prices in the area.

End the Letter with Expectation of Co-Operation

10) I am sure; you will co-operate with me and pay your rent regularly as you have been doing since your occupation of this house. 11) I am sure you are aware of my difficulties and accept the increase in the right spirit. 12) I hope you will not find the increased rent unreasonable on any account in the prevailing circumstances. 13) I regret the increase, but you know the cost of maintenance and other expenditure have gone up considerably.

So I hope for your co-operation. 14) I shall feel obliged by your co-operation. 15) As you are well aware of the situation, I hope you will appreciate and understand my view-point.


Dear (Name), I feel constrained to inform you that I have decided to increase the house rent from Rs._________ p.m. to Rs.

_________ p.m. w.

e.f. ____________ (Date). Need I point to you that our settlement was done long ago and that today’s market rent for the said accommodation is the same i.e. Rs. _________ (Amount). Many flats of our colony have been rented recently as per the said amount.

So, I request you to kindly pay an updated rent of Rs. _________ (Amount) p.m.

w.e.f. _________ (Date). I hope you will realize my position and co-operate accordingly. With best wishes.

Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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