Out public that with the over­whelming response to

Out duty is your safety. Help us to help you – courtesy ____________ (City Name) Police.

2. Notice Regarding the Holiday

(Date) This is to inform the general public that with the over­whelming response to the Connaught Place Shopping Festival which ended on ____________ (Date), the ____________ (City Name) Municipal Corporation has decided to change the holi­day of C.P from ____________ (Date) to ____________ (Date), which will enable the shoppers to visit C.

P. on ____________ (Date) for their shopping, as being holiday, a huge response is reciprocated. Wishing all of you a happy shopping – Courtesy (____________ (Place Name) Traders Association),

3. Public Notice Regarding Strike

(Date) In view of the Banker’s strike which has been called by the AIBEA (All India Bank Employees Association) on ____________ (Date), all the customers are requested to complete their banking formalities by the closing hours of ____________ (Date). As ____________ (Date), is a Saturday and the corresponding day being a Holiday all banks will function till ____________ (Time) for public convenience.

The AIBEA deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to its valued customers and sincerely apologises for the same. How­ever, if the meeting with the Ministry of Finance goes in the favour of AIBEA, the same will not be held and the banks will function normally.

4. Public Notice Regarding Transport Strike

(Date) The strike called by the bus owners under the D.

T.C. km scheme has been declared illegal by the Supreme Court.

The strike on ____________ (Date) has been declared unconstitutional. Any bus which remains off the road, will be penalised by forfeiting their permit. However in spite of the warning by the ____________ (City Name) Government, if the buses do not play, then regular commuters should try to make al­ternate arrangement in order to counter any sort of in­convenience.

The school buses should ply as normal and in case they are found to join the strike, the school authority will be held responsible.

5. Notice Regarding the Cancellation of Show

(Date) In view of the security reasons, the Star Nite programme which was scheduled to be held at ____________ (Place Name) on ____________ (Date) will now be held on ____________ (Date). Persons who have the passes and the tick­ets can attend the programme on the said date. Incon­venience caused to our patrons is authentically regret­ted arid deeply apologised. All passes and tickets remain valid for the show postponed to the further date.

6. Notice Regarding a Charity Match

(Date) In view of the devastating earthquake in ____________ (Place Name) which has rendered thousands homeless and more than lakhs to penury.

The Board of Cricket Control of India XI and the Film star XI will play a cricket match, on ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Stadium Name) Stadium. The match will be a Day/ Night match and will commence at ____________ (Time). Donations for the same are available at the stadium and the below mentioned places. It is to inform further that the game will not be telecast live.

7. Public Notice Regarding Telephone

(Date) The ____________ (Place Name) MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) has decided to change all its manual exchanges with electronic telephone exchanges, through-out the metro. Keeping this in view, the existing numbers will change and the change of numbers will be the first three num­bers.

Users of MTNL are requested to find out their changed numbers, so as to avoid any type of inconve­nience. The below mentioned numbers will start func­tioning from ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Time) onwards. In case of any delay, the user can meet the Executive Engineer of their areas. For further details, kindly -con­tact at the following numbers.

8. Public Notice Regarding Price-Hike

(Date) Keeping in view, the steep increase in the price of news­print and paper for the same, your favourite newspaper is helpless while raising the price of the newspaper by ____________ (Amount) and so the regular edition of the newspaper will cost ____________ (Amount) w.e.f. ____________ (Date). This increase is very meagre and the newspaper sincerely regrets for the inconvenience caused to its readers. Your kind co­operation in this regard is solicited.


Public Notice Regarding Bombs

(Date) This is to inform the public that in case they find any object lying without its owner, they should immediately inform the police and alert the public. The object can be a bomb. Public is requested not to touch the object which could be in the form of a ball, doll, a book or even a wallet. Your alertness can save not only your life but also the lives of others. In case you find a person moving in a suspected manner, inform the police, he can be a terror­ist.

10. Notice Regarding Traffic Diversion

(Date) This is to inform all the sundry that due to the arrival of the President of U.S.A. no traffic will be allowed within the precincts of Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate. All the vehicles would take the Ring road for commuting.

This restriction of traffic is from ____________ (Time) to ____________ (Time). The nearby connecting roads will also be cordoned off for security reasons.


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