Dear you and sincerely apologize. Your bill

Dear Mr. (Name), We are in receipt of your reminder ____________ (Date), and want to say that it is not through oversight that your bills have not been paid so far and so long. In fact, it was owing to my inability to collect my own outstanding amounting to a considerable sum of money. I am likely to receive a payment of a large amount of money within two- three days. The payment is quite assured and dependable.

Therefore, I shall settle your bills within this week without fail, although I am in urgent need of money for my own personal requirements. Yours sincerely,(Your Name)

The Buyers Response to the Above

FromThe Manager (Company Name)(Address)(Date) To(Name)(Company Name)(Address)(Date) Dear Mr. (Name), In response your reminder of ____________ (Date), I enclose a cheque for ____________ ($ Amount).50 as part payment of our Account No. ____________. Vide your Invoice No ____________. The balance payment towards lull payment of the account would be made within next week. I really regret the delay in payment and inconvenience to you and sincerely apologize.

Your bill remained unpaid and your letters unanswered because I had gone to Japan on a business trip and then fell ill there unexpectedly. I returned but I had to be admitted to the hospital here. In the meanwhile I forgot to give instructions for your bills to be paid.

I discovered this slip of my mind when I returned to the office today after a long absence. The delay in payment of your bills has not been intentional at all. It was just an oversight. I again sincerely apologize for this delay. Yours faithfully,(Your Name)


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